The Perfect Autumn Wedding Invitations

After you get engaged and set the date for your big day, it is time to get those invitations printed and mailed out to your family and friends. Depending on the season that you choose to get married, if you select fall, you have a great amount of options to create a great theme. Autumn wedding invitations are fun to shop for or even make yourself. Autumn themed wedding invitations are simple to create and result in a beautiful treasure. The rich colors of the season are perfect as a color scheme for bridesmaids’ dresses and other decorations.

If you want to send a personalized autumn wedding invitations, use the many fall colors along with gold and copper accents. It is not difficult to craft your very own fall wedding invitations. Also think in terms of an autumn wedding theme, will my autumn invitations match my autumn wedding decorations, they don’t have to but it would be nice right?  Here are a few steps to help along the way.

Begin planning your autumn wedding invitations on a big board where you can decide on colors for your dress, flowers, decorations, and invitations. Collect different fabric swatches and color cards along with pictures from the fall season. This allows you to select exactly the favorites from each group for your final invitation. Next, you must decide if you will print them on the computer or write them out by hand. Gold ink would look ideal against a darker background. Make sure to include all the important information like the exact day and time of the wedding and the RSVP date. Purchase the proper amount of paper and envelopes. Always make more than you plan to send in case any errors occur.

To truly create your wedding invitations autumn style, you can go outside and collect the leaves of the current time, paint them a bronze color, and include them in the envelope. Perhaps a dash of fall potpourri would appear nice as well. At this point, you can begin to print all of the invitations. Make your guest list with all the correct names and addresses and prepare the envelopes. After the invitations are stuffed, check each name off of your list so no one is excluded.


On the other hand, if you feel that you do not have the time to make your own autumn wedding invitations by hand, there are numerous places to buy them. The internet is filled with sites that sell invitations for all occasions in all types of themes. There are also numerous stationary stores or printing companies who carry a great variety of card stock or themed ideas. Look through catalogs for a design and color that you like. When you place your order for paper alone, make sure that there is enough time for the invitations to be printed and designed. If you are ordering everything from a printer, double check that everything is spelled correctly and all of the dates are correct. Purchase more invitations than you need just in case. It is often more expensive to buy more after the initial order was placed.

Some additional tips for sending your invitations include sending Save The Date cards before the actual fall wedding invitation. This gives people the opportunity to mark it on their calendar early. Also, make sure that all of your names and addresses are current.

A wedding with a fall theme is an excellent way to take advantage of the seasonal landscape. An invitation sets the tone for you big day since it is the first form of communication between you and your guests. There is enough expense that goes into a wedding without having to pay a high price for your autumn wedding invitations. Doing it yourself will save a lot of money. However, you will also be able to find affordable pre-designed cards as well. If you know you will get married in the fall, start planning early because there is no time to waste.