A Beach Theme Wedding to Look Forward To

Whether you’re going for a tropical ambiance or a Hawaiian setting, a beach theme wedding is an occasion your guests can anticipate with bated breath. Spice the event with surprises, and you’ll never hear the end of the ooh’s and aah’s from your guests.


Get to work and visualize where you want the wedding ceremony to be held.


The wide expanse of the beach and the infinite blue waters of the ocean as the background can be a breathtaking backdrop. You will also be fortunate to get a matching blue sky that merges with the sea at the horizon. That way, you will have a tantalizing blue as an over-all background.


Make sure where the sun rises and sets, and where the shadows will be cast. Then make up your mind if it will be a sunrise, a noontime or a sunset wedding ceremony. You’re told that the beach you’re thinking of is ideal for beach theme wedding ceremonies before dusk. That’s settled then; so schedule a location shooting test with a video camera at exactly the same time you want the ceremony to be solemnized. Take shots from several ideal angles.  Review the shots and evaluate how the sunset can muddle, enhance or lend drama to the shots.   Single out the best location and that’s it!  You have the exact place to build an altar, where you will exchange your “I do’s.” Look for sources of real palm trees for altar columns and décor as well. They can also be used as pillars that will delineate the parameters of the open chapel by the sea.


  • Where to hold the beach theme wedding reception

If the beach is an extension of a resort, you should have no major problems to confront.  It’s like holding a wedding reception in a pristine location that’s far from the madding crowd; you do not have to build a temporary colony. Holding the wedding in a resort though will not be very practical.  This will then narrow down your choices for the reception venue to three possible locations:  the restaurant, the wide terrace overlooking the awesome panorama, or the seaside events open gym. Just how many guests you are going to invite may also influence your decision.


For a semi-formal beach theme wedding or a casual one, it will be all right to affix a trinket made of authentic replicas of sea shells, starfish or a mermaid perhaps. If you choose shells as your dominant décor, then the trinket should be shell-like. The colors of the sea and the summer sky can be used in the embossed letterings. Formal weddings are rarely held in the beach.


  • Wedding decorations, flowers and centerpieces

You have a wide array of choices for beach wedding decorations; but to make things simple, you can select a single dominant motif from among seashells, seahorses, crabs and lobsters, and other popular sea characters. Seashells are usually preferred on account of the wide number of choices from giant to small shells. They are also more convenient to obtain and easy to assemble into chains, pendants and other forms of beach wedding decorations. The bigger ones can be used as vases for your flower arrangements.

Frangipanis, hibiscus, orchids or any summer flower in abundant quantity can make exotic flower arrangements for the beach theme wedding centerpieces. You can even welcome your guests with leis.


Large shells with sand and smaller shells can provide a striking vessel for flower centerpieces bursting with a variety of colorful blossoms. These should take care of your beach theme wedding centerpieces.


  • Beach theme wedding :  drinks, food, cake and entertainment


Cocktails of cool piña coladas with umbrellas, pineapple and cherry garnishes with stand-up cocktail food — these can welcome your guests to the wedding reception.  A seafood buffet would be just great for the occasion as the main course. Oysters, prawns or lobster thermidor, stuffed crabs, fish fillets, steamed fish, caviar and slices of fresh pineapples and watermelons can complete the menu.  The wedding cake, on the other hand, with toppers of mermaids, seahorses, lighthouses, shells and a replica of the bride and groom in beach wear, can close the appetite of the wedding guests.


Meanwhile, beach music need not be sung by the Beach Boys.  A band that can play some Hawaiian music, besides the usual wedding songs, would be just fine to hire.


Tying the knot, amidst the golden backdrop of sunset and the romantic hush of dusk set against the magnificent panorama of the sea, is an incomparable experience. Your guests will share the romantic moment, visibly touched and tongue-tied with emotions. The beach theme wedding favors you will be giving away to the guests will surely make them remember.   And if you’re born lucky and the full moon rises from where the sun sinks, you can get carried away by the sheer magnificence of the phenomenon.


It’s now plain to see why a beach theme wedding is what great nuptial memories are made of.