Charm and Impress With a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

The moment you pop the question to your special someone is bound to remain engraved in your heart and mind for the rest of your love. The centrepiece of that beautiful moment is and always was the engagement rings, a symbol of love that dates back to ancient Egypt where the wearing of a ring on the third finger of the left hand symbolized love because of the “vein of love” that goes directly to the heart from there. Besides being traditional the moment of your proposal is also unique and special. If you desire to reflect tradition in your own special style then one way is to use an unusual and special gemstone, which is the heart of your ring. The gem that bears the meaning of “not like anyone else”, which has enchanted many with its mysterious color and complicated depth is the black diamond.

Black diamond engagement rings dazzle with their opaque ink-like color and their lustrous diamond surface. A black diamond is a real diamond after all which in its natural form holds inclusions of graphite which give it its mysterious color. You can find the best black diamonds with the least inclusions and modern jewel crafters treat them with a sophisticated method that gives the diamonds a homogenous black color with the use of heat and perfectly safe methods of irradiation. The diamonds created this way are more durable than their natural counterparts and have a more equal color. Black diamonds weigh more than colorless diamonds, which results in a carat of black diamond to be smaller than a carat of a colorless diamond. They can be cleaned easily with mild dish soap and a soft brush to remove dust from the crevices. These gems cannot be judged by the 4Cs used to judge the quality of colorless diamonds (Clarity, carat weight, color and cut). Black diamonds do not shine, yet they have the same lustrous surface as colorless diamonds do. Make sure not to pull the ring of your finger by holding onto the gemstone as this can loosen the setting of the ring. Also avoid wearing your special black diamond rings during hard manual labor and in occasions where it can be damaged or lost. Black diamond rings are extremely precious and durable, so you would not want to do any harm to them by mistake.


Numerous reputable jewellery brands can be found online that offer some of the best Black diamond jewellery in the world, including dashing black diamond rings for your special occasions. They hand pick the jewels for your rings and custom make each set of rings by hand following the instructions of the buyer to the letter. The result is a custom made set of rings like no other, which matches you and your partner’s taste. You can choose the precious metal you prefer, the style of the ring, the size of the gem and you can even get a special message of your choice engraved into your rings. The result is so amazing that your engagement ring will surely be passed down for many generations to come after the defining moment in which you chose these special rings to enter your new family’s life. Because if there is any moment in your life where you have to do your best to make it special it surely is that first moment where you and your partner agree to stay together for the rest of your lives.

If you want to show the world that you and your partner’s relationship is special then there is no clearer way than to impress with a sophisticated gemstone. Black diamond engagement rings are certain to make your special moment the best it can be, unforgettable and amazing.