Diamonds Are Eternal; Black Diamonds Are Innovative!

Getting your soul mate to say yes to an eternal journey together is not the easiest thing to be completed on your ‘to do’ list. But proposing to her with one of these very special black diamond engagement rings can never hurt your chances! That is because black diamond engagement rings are one of the coolest types of engagement and wedding rings that money can buy. The hottest divas and celebrities flaunt black diamond engagement rings nowadays.

Although sparkling bright white diamonds had held their sway for a long while in the public imagination, the trend has been slowly shifting in the past few years. So if you are in the market for an exceptional substitute for a white diamond engagement ring, you must check out the exhaustive range of beautiful black diamond engagement rings available in specialty jewelry stores. As Marilyn Monroe has told us time and again, diamonds are a girl’s best friend; but they need not be in the same old white she fancied decades back.

If you are vying to get that special someone to be with you for the rest of your life, why not get the very best that you can afford to give? Several regions in Brazil, Australia and South Africa specialize in unearthing black diamonds and designing them into unique pieces of jewelry.

Now that we are discussing about white and black diamonds, you must be wondering about the origin of these precious stones. Please be aware that the worth of these stones depend on their uniqueness. That is why people pay millions of dollars in order to acquire the rare pale pink or blue diamonds. Rare diamonds like the Hope diamond or the Golkunda diamonds have acquired their places in both history and legend because of their rarity and the possessiveness of owners and ownership aspirants.


The legendary status of diamonds as gemstones can perhaps be explained by the stories of divine intervention invented by many cultures to describe the source and process of formation of gemstones, especially diamonds. In Hinduism, for example, the God of War, Indra, is powerful due to his use of diamond-encrusted arrows that conduct lightning and burn all his enemies at one go. Buddhism, too makes extensive use of gemstone-fuelled imagery to explain many of its core philosophical concepts.

More naturalistic approaches to explain the origin of diamonds were only later inventions that were favored by philosophers and naturalists. In a related aside, Robert Boyle, the famed 17th century chemist, forwarded the theory that gems like diamonds were made up of pure, transparent water, and their distinguishing colors and traits were a result of the intermingling with metallic spirits.

But all these naturalistic explanations did little to dispel the terrifying charm of diamonds that led most cultures to ascribe supernatural powers to these stones.
The first of these, of course, originated in the times of physical wars and conflicts where diamonds were supposed to possess the quality of providing victory for the person who carried a piece of ‘good’ diamond (without any imperfection) on his left arm – irrespective of the vast number or strength of his enemies.

However perhaps due to all of this and being repeatedly hyped by the 19th and 20th century media, the craze of white diamond wedding rings caught on and has held its place firmly for years. So if you want your sweetheart to carry a piece of this eternal mystery and power, as a symbol of your commitment to each other, and yet not given to the clichéd trope of white diamonds – there can be no better choice in an innovative choice of wedding or engagement rings than black diamond engagement rings.