Buying Black Diamond Wedding Bands – All You Need to Know

Your wedding rings are the manifestations of your own vows and they are literally your love set in physical form. It is no surprise then that many couples desire something original and special, like their feelings for each other. A very stylish and elegant choice for a gemmed ring is the black diamond. Black Diamond wedding rings will certainly impress with their opaque dark color, which can be attributed either to natural inclusions of graphite or to a sophisticated method of turning colorless diamonds into black ones with the use of heat and a completely safe form of irradiation. If your black diamond wedding band has a natural stone you can often see the inclusions as irregular dark spots which can exist either in the depths of the gem or on its surface, while with artificially darkened diamonds the color is homogenous and the fewer inclusions make the black diamond as durable as its colorless counterpart.

All beautiful black wedding bands are custom made for you, using the more durable artificially darkened gems joined with the metal of your choice. One of the usual choices of metal for your special ring is white gold or platinum, but if you want something unique and different you can order your black diamond wedding rings made with rose or yellow gold or even silver if cost is an issue to you. Jewel crafters will also engrave a message of your choice into your rings if you so wish, to connect the two rings with words that are special to you. Often the woman will choose a different style than the ring of her husband, so choosing the same precious metal, gemstone or theme can also connect two rings. Just like you and your partner are two different people that have come together to create something beautiful, your wedding rings can show that by retaining your individual style yet being connected by details. The choices are infinite.

Black Diamond rings should not be worn during workouts or hard labor of any kind as they can lose their shine and smoothness. It is best to clean them with simple dish soap and a very soft cloth. This will ensure that your rings live as long as your love, forever. When you are judging a black diamond you should forget everything you know about colorless diamonds. Black diamonds are real diamonds, yet they do not shine and they have an opaque inky color, which fascinates the eye and gives the gem a complicated depth.


If you wonder what special meaning black diamonds have in the gem language, you should know that they mean “special”, as in “not like anyone else”. This is why Carmen Electra got a black diamond engagement ring and Carrie Bradshaw in the series Sex and the City received a black diamond wedding ring, it simply is a notch above the classic colorless diamond.

Expert jewel crafters create your rings only for you and so the best matching diamonds are chosen to suit the style of your wedding bands perfectly. You do not have to worry about mass produced rings when you order online because your rings will be unique and special, just like your wedding day. If you have a difficulty choosing, you can be inspired by the wedding rings already created for other couples and tweak the design to match your and your partner’s tastes perfectly.

If you want your wedding to stand out black wedding bands will certainly do the trick. Impress your special someone and all your loved ones with the sophisticated elegance of a pair of black diamond wedding bands.