The Appeal of Unusual Wedding Invitations

Some couples will go the extra mile to scout around for unusual wedding invitations. Most wedding invitations come in the stereo-typed white linen board with embossed letterings in gold. Some come in uniquely scented envelopes using different shades of pastel colors. But there are truly unusual wedding invitations which can be expensive for being shockingly apart from the rest.



Wedding invitations unusual are a folio of wedding invitations that are beyond the genre of the run-of-the mill invitations. They are designed with enticing photographs and various embellishments which are introduced to give a certain character to the wedding invitation.


You will certainly be amazed and enticed with the different wedding invitations that you haven’t seen after surfing through the net. There are truly unique wedding invitations that are fascinatingly out of this world but are, in essence, novel having stood out of the great capacity of men for their infinite creativity. You will surely find all these mystifying products of prolific minds as testaments to the most cherished of men’s milestones: weddings.


These are some of the unusual wedding invitations:


  • Beaded wedding invitation covered with metallic cording strung with glittering glass beads.  This wedding invitation exudes an ultra glamorous sheen using the distinctive shimmer of the beads.
  • Belted wedding invitation with modern buckles for an avant garde look.  The layered invitation is topped with a sleek grosgrain or satin belts.
  • Embellished silk wedding invitation box in chocolate, ivory, garnet and other shades.
  • Wedding invitation that comes in a silk pouch, featured in copper or tiffany bars.
  • Wedding invitation parches in a bottle.
  • Wedding invitation with charms, featuring exquisitely crafted solid brass charms using metallic cording or mini brass.
  • Belly-band wedding invitation featuring a dash of satin or velvet ribbon that is wrapped around the invitation.
  • Wedding invitation with embossed rose petals using crystal breads attached to a satin band.
  • Fabric wrapped wedding invitation using a magnificently embroidered jacquard pattern or romantic lace daintily tied around the layered invitation.
  • Gold wedding invitation featuring a sparkling metallic sheen that glows with a luxurious shimmer.
  • Blue wedding invitation featuring blasting shades of tiffany, aqua or frost, embellished with sapphire crystal brad at the center of a turquoise satin belt.


These unusual wedding invitations ideas are surprisingly and amazingly wonderful. In fact, more exotic versions of these wedding invitations are thought to have been used during the pompous reign of the emperors and kings.


But, what really drives those couples to seek for something unusual in inviting their wedding guests?  While distinct personal tastes can be a valid reason, there is more than what meets the eye to this exciting folly of couples. It could be just for creating the best wedding invitation for the best day of their lives, or one can be a display of affluence.  Most of these unique forms of wedding invitations are exorbitantly priced.  Some may also flaunt these unusual wedding invitations as a symbol of distinction.  Or could it be power?

There will come a time when couples who are planning to tie the knot will get more high-tech or advanced in their unique wedding invitation wording. You can look forward to the day when you receive a wedding invitation inscribed as a text message in an iPod delivered to you.  It is also possible that a new plasma television will be delivered to your residence.  A video recording in high definition that features the couple personally inviting you to their grand wedding may also be a possibility. Totally out of this world!


Are you thinking of unusual wedding invitations, too? They will continue to titillate men’s passion for something different when they receive wedding invitations.


The Frivolous Peacock Wedding Invitations

One absolutely funky and widely acclaimed idea that has caught fire is the printing of peacock wedding invitations. If you are raring to be different and make a sharp detour from the likes of traditional wedding invitations, then go ahead. Like a peacock flaunting to be majestically different, you can assert your individuality and more. The grandiose of peacock feathers symmetry along with their striking spots and colors can do magic to your peacock feather wedding invitations.


Worrying that your invitation will look like a copy cat besides being a headline-grabber? The printers assure you that your peacock wedding invitation is the only one of its kind. There is no duplicate copy of it anywhere in the world. That should make it more expensive than the rest; but then, who cares?  Elegant peacock wedding invitations, which come in special editions, give you such priceless delight and satisfaction. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned in giving your wedding all the unusual twists.  Of course, there are also special offers of cheap peacock wedding invitations quoted at special discounts. Most of them come under the DIY category of making peacock wedding invitations. You may yet change your mind and save some money for the rainy days.


What makes peacock wedding invitations pretty as a peacock?  If you trace the roots of why the peacock stands as a symbol of so many sterling qualities, then you can start with a popular legend.  The myth says that the guards of the gates of heaven are two gallant peacocks. There are also claims that peacocks are the only known exterminators of poisonous snakes. They can eat venomous snakes without getting killed. Or if they do, they resurrect. Of course, you can see with your own bare eyes how regal peacocks are in their bearing. They are the queens in the zoo; and hordes of spectators simply adore their colorful tails and feathers.


Such adulation led to the coronation of peacocks with so many hyperbolic terms like immortality, nobility, refinement, compassion, benevolence, patience, kindness and resurrection. You can add another plum to their feather as the superstar of wedding invitations.


Nothing can beat the brilliance and the sheer beauty of the colors and texture of a peacock feather. For wedding invitations, this mystifying character of the peacock feathers can vary in thousands and thousands of different lay-outs, colors, sizes, designs and prices. You bet the peacock motif in the invite is similarly stamped in the RSVP cards, thank you cards, menu cards, wedding program and all stationary related to the wedding. Some even say, it is already an overdose of peacocks.


Fortunately, most people don’t easily tire of beautiful images. The more exclusive editions can even boast of real peacock feathers embedded in the card artistically. This makes it all the more a priceless memento of your wedding.


If your budget cannot catch up with your deep fascination with the majestic colors of real peacock feathers, do not give up so easily. That royal look in your wedding invitation can still be yours at a cheaper price. You have to work for it though.  Scout in the web for the DIY offers of peacock wedding invitations.  They cost less and are not so far behind those elegant special editions.  Your personal touch can do the necessary enhancements to make the invitations come alive.


If you want to be the talk of the town before, during and after your wedding, the spectacular peacock feather can be your ally. Stamp it in its ostentatious best in your RSVP cards, enclosure cards, envelope seals, wedding programs, table cards, menu cards, place cards, thank you cards, favor tags, wine labels and water bottle labels. You can even plant a peacock feather in your bridal bouquet for total effect.


Peacock wedding invitations with that overpowering peacock feather motif can make an elegant wedding a difficult feat to duplicate.











How To Set The Scene With Rustic Wedding Invitations

Rustic weddings are perfect for couples who love nature and the outdoors. If you are planning a country style wedding, it is important to make sure that you send out rustic wedding invitations that are in keeping with the event. Getting the style of the invitation right will set the scene for your guests from the start, and ensure their minds are in tune with the theme.

Before you send out your rustic wedding invitations, you need to decide whether you are going to choose a specific theme for your wedding. Themes could be around creatures such as butterflies or bees, or particular flowers like daisies or sunflowers. It is not necessary to have a specific theme, but if you do, you will want to use it for every aspect of your wedding, including the décor and centerpieces and, of course, the invitation cards.

Whether you have a specific theme or not, a rustic wedding will have a very particular character, defined by the colors and images of nature, and you will want your rustic wedding invitations to reflect these images. If you are very busy, you can actually source invitation cards that will fit your theme on the Internet, or in some stationery stores. However, if you can spare the time, you can give your invitation cards much more character and authenticity by creating them yourself.

First and foremost, to ensure that your rustic wedding invitations fit in with the character of the occasion, avoid making them very elaborate and sophisticated. The colors should be bold and simple, and reminiscent of the countryside – gold, sage, russet, ochre. Instead of plain white paper or card, you could use vellum, parchment, or recycled paper, or even handmade paper containing pressed flowers. One idea that will give your cards a very special look is seed paper – that is, a specialty paper which has seeds actually implanted in it. You can choose what type of seeds it contains – you can specify a particular plant, or you can have a collection of wild flowers. After your guests receive your cards they can plant them in a pot or in the ground, and they will grow – a very special reminder of your wedding.


Another very attractive idea for rustic wedding invitations is twig scrolls. After writing the invitation in rustic style font on parchment, you can glue small twigs to the top and bottom to make a scroll, and mail them rolled up in small boxes. Alternatively you can attach elements like moss or hay to your invitation, or wind raffia round the card and tie it in a bow. Keep your wording simple and basic.

Once you have made your rustic wedding invitations, you can send them out in old looking envelopes, for instance envelopes made of brown crushed paper. Another idea is to fold them inside muslin bags and fill them with potpourri. Remember that any additions such as twigs, moss or raffia will make the envelope more bulky and incur additional postage, so you will need to budget for this.

There are plenty of other rustic wedding ideas to make sure your marriage follows through on the countryside theme and plenty of ideas for rustic wedding decorations. The wedding venue might be a farm or barn, or in a field if the weather allows. Keep the rustic wedding decor natural, using flowers and leaves, perhaps in big stone jars, and place hay bales around beside the tables. The rustic wedding centerpieces should also be natural and simple. You can choose bouquets of wild flowers in stone jars or white vases, or lanterns containing candles and surrounded by arrangements of flowers and branches.

Rustic weddings are becoming a very popular trend. They not only have great charm, but actually save money too. You just need to make sure that your rustic wedding invitations are in harmony with your theme, and provide your guests with a true foretaste of a great occasion to come.

Personalize Your Big Day With Picture Wedding Invitations

Choosing the invitation can be a point of stress for many couples who are soon to be married. Invitations serve as an introduction to your event for the guests, and can go a long way in setting the tone of the day. By reaching out to guests through picture wedding invitations, couples can send an invitation that is highly personalized and is sure to make the guests smile. Whether you are creating your own personalized picture wedding invitations or working with a company that will handle the design work and printing for you, there are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure that your invitations are both beautiful and functional.

The centerpiece of picture wedding invitations is, of course, the picture. Many soon-to-be married couples choose to use their official, professionally captured engagement photos on their custom invites. These are a good choice because they tend to be well framed, touched up, and recent. However, it is not strictly necessary that this type of photograph be used. For those who will be having an informal ceremony, using a candid vacation photo, or one from shortly after you met, can be a funny and fun way to share a part of your relationship’s past with your guests. Couples who have grown up together may even wish to include a favorite childhood photo.

When selecting your picture, your font, and all the other details that will be included in your wedding invitations with picture of couple, it is important to remember your audience. If you will be inviting a lot of members of your family, it may be wise to shy away from pictures that include drinking, slightly risque dress or costumes, or anything else that may offend. Similarly, if you will be inviting colleagues from work including bosses, it may be a good idea to choose a slightly more formal and restrained picture. Of course, your choice of photo is ultimately up to you, and can reflect who you are and what you love to do.


Not all cheap picture wedding invitations are created equal. If you will be ordering your picture wedding invitations through a company with which you have never worked before, requesting a printed proof is an important step. This proof will enable you to check the clarity of the picture, look for any spelling errors in the text, and make sure that everything looks exactly as you think it should. Almost all printing companies are happy to provide digital proofs before printing, and they should be checked carefully for errors.

Well the picture is one of the most important parts of the invitation, the text on picture wedding invitations is where all the important information is conveyed. Even if your invitation is relatively informal, be sure to follow some of the conventional etiquette regarding the information that should be included on the invitation. This information includes the full name of the bride and groom, the names of the parents if they are hosting the wedding, and the date, time and location of the ceremony and reception. It is generally considered to be in bad taste to include the registry information on the invitation itself. Instead, that information can be conveyed through word of mouth or through a separate wedding website.

Picture wedding invitations are a fun way to set the mood in the months leading up to your big day and to share a part of your personal relationship history with all who are invited. Whether you are printing your own picture wedding invitations or ordering them through a stationary company, careful selection of the picture that will be included, and careful examination of the proofs before printing, is the best way to ensure that they look exactly as you had imagined. For anyone who wants to kick off their married life in a personalized way, picture wedding invitations are a great place to start.

Beach Wedding Invitations For Seaside Ceremonies

Sending beach wedding invitations is entirely appropriate for seaside ceremonies or for destination nuptuals, at tropical seaside resorts. Whether you plan to get married in the Caribbean island or at a favorite coastal location, the announcements will suitable.

photo courtesy

There are many ways to product beach theme wedding invitations. Printers that are used to producing marriage announcements will usually have books to browse through, so the couple can pick out the most desirable designs. Because destination and sea side ceremonies are becoming more popular, printers are likely to have at least a few suitable designs. They may have designs with subtle sea shells or footprints in the sand. If one printer does not have a wide selection, you can always try another.

Those who want a greater selection can select and order the announcements from an online store. Beach wedding invitations in online catalogs will come in a wide range of designs, colors and designs. Those who are planning a slightly more casual ceremony can choose beach themed wedding invitations with a colorful scene, such as with a shoreline and lighthouse in the background.

If the bride is not planning on wearing white, announcements with the color of the dress or gown may be suitable. There are even shapes such as sea shells and sandals, that make for very unique beach wedding invitations. With such a choice, invitees will understand the theme of the ceremony right away. A simple design with two starfish and a subtle, pale blue horizon are tasteful, yet explain what the day will be like. When choosing a design with color, selecting the right ink color is important. Black, dark gray or a dark earth tone works well with a sea side theme like lighthouse wedding invitations.

Beach wedding invitations can be mostly white, with shimmery gold sea shells or sea life in the background. If the bride plans on wearing a more traditional white gown, the notices can still include a design in the background, but will look more formal with less color. The paper that they are printed on may also help to achieve a certain look, like using shapes like starfish wedding invitations.


A formal event will require a heavy white or ivory paper, so that glossy or metallic ink will stand out. For a less formal event, a paper with varying background shades may look more like a natural setting with the desired image. Linen paper is always suitable for formal events. It may look less formal when an image is added.

When searching on the internet for your favorite beach wedding or tropical wedding invitations, it is a good idea to compare prices. Many stores will offer special rates, for larger orders. They may even offer special prices on a particular design. If you want to rely on a local printer, you may be able to find some clip art images online, that are suitable for beach wedding invitations. Having a design in mind will help your order get processed faster. Most printers are happy to use the design of your choosing and can even do a photo wedding invitation for you. Have the picture taken and transferred right at the printer is a great way to make sure the photo invitations meet your needs.

Those who want to make sure they are getting a good deal, should compare local printers and online stores, before placing the order. Prices for online stores will vary, from around $100 to $150, for 100 pieces. Special rates may be as low as 10 pieces for $3 or less.

There are some sites that allow customers to design their own beach wedding invitations. If you are artistic and can upload the proper image files, this can be a fun way to prepare for the special day. Online shops may also offer the additional accessories you need, such as photo albums and table decorations or favors, keeping with the special theme you want one that provides that special tropical themed wedding feeling.