Buying Black Diamond Wedding Bands – All You Need to Know

Your wedding rings are the manifestations of your own vows and they are literally your love set in physical form. It is no surprise then that many couples desire something original and special, like their feelings for each other. A very stylish and elegant choice for a gemmed ring is the black diamond. Black Diamond wedding rings will certainly impress with their opaque dark color, which can be attributed either to natural inclusions of graphite or to a sophisticated method of turning colorless diamonds into black ones with the use of heat and a completely safe form of irradiation. If your black diamond wedding band has a natural stone you can often see the inclusions as irregular dark spots which can exist either in the depths of the gem or on its surface, while with artificially darkened diamonds the color is homogenous and the fewer inclusions make the black diamond as durable as its colorless counterpart.

All beautiful black wedding bands are custom made for you, using the more durable artificially darkened gems joined with the metal of your choice. One of the usual choices of metal for your special ring is white gold or platinum, but if you want something unique and different you can order your black diamond wedding rings made with rose or yellow gold or even silver if cost is an issue to you. Jewel crafters will also engrave a message of your choice into your rings if you so wish, to connect the two rings with words that are special to you. Often the woman will choose a different style than the ring of her husband, so choosing the same precious metal, gemstone or theme can also connect two rings. Just like you and your partner are two different people that have come together to create something beautiful, your wedding rings can show that by retaining your individual style yet being connected by details. The choices are infinite.

Black Diamond rings should not be worn during workouts or hard labor of any kind as they can lose their shine and smoothness. It is best to clean them with simple dish soap and a very soft cloth. This will ensure that your rings live as long as your love, forever. When you are judging a black diamond you should forget everything you know about colorless diamonds. Black diamonds are real diamonds, yet they do not shine and they have an opaque inky color, which fascinates the eye and gives the gem a complicated depth.


If you wonder what special meaning black diamonds have in the gem language, you should know that they mean “special”, as in “not like anyone else”. This is why Carmen Electra got a black diamond engagement ring and Carrie Bradshaw in the series Sex and the City received a black diamond wedding ring, it simply is a notch above the classic colorless diamond.

Expert jewel crafters create your rings only for you and so the best matching diamonds are chosen to suit the style of your wedding bands perfectly. You do not have to worry about mass produced rings when you order online because your rings will be unique and special, just like your wedding day. If you have a difficulty choosing, you can be inspired by the wedding rings already created for other couples and tweak the design to match your and your partner’s tastes perfectly.

If you want your wedding to stand out black wedding bands will certainly do the trick. Impress your special someone and all your loved ones with the sophisticated elegance of a pair of black diamond wedding bands.

Charm and Impress With a Black Diamond Engagement Ring

The moment you pop the question to your special someone is bound to remain engraved in your heart and mind for the rest of your love. The centrepiece of that beautiful moment is and always was the engagement rings, a symbol of love that dates back to ancient Egypt where the wearing of a ring on the third finger of the left hand symbolized love because of the “vein of love” that goes directly to the heart from there. Besides being traditional the moment of your proposal is also unique and special. If you desire to reflect tradition in your own special style then one way is to use an unusual and special gemstone, which is the heart of your ring. The gem that bears the meaning of “not like anyone else”, which has enchanted many with its mysterious color and complicated depth is the black diamond.

Black diamond engagement rings dazzle with their opaque ink-like color and their lustrous diamond surface. A black diamond is a real diamond after all which in its natural form holds inclusions of graphite which give it its mysterious color. You can find the best black diamonds with the least inclusions and modern jewel crafters treat them with a sophisticated method that gives the diamonds a homogenous black color with the use of heat and perfectly safe methods of irradiation. The diamonds created this way are more durable than their natural counterparts and have a more equal color. Black diamonds weigh more than colorless diamonds, which results in a carat of black diamond to be smaller than a carat of a colorless diamond. They can be cleaned easily with mild dish soap and a soft brush to remove dust from the crevices. These gems cannot be judged by the 4Cs used to judge the quality of colorless diamonds (Clarity, carat weight, color and cut). Black diamonds do not shine, yet they have the same lustrous surface as colorless diamonds do. Make sure not to pull the ring of your finger by holding onto the gemstone as this can loosen the setting of the ring. Also avoid wearing your special black diamond rings during hard manual labor and in occasions where it can be damaged or lost. Black diamond rings are extremely precious and durable, so you would not want to do any harm to them by mistake.


Numerous reputable jewellery brands can be found online that offer some of the best Black diamond jewellery in the world, including dashing black diamond rings for your special occasions. They hand pick the jewels for your rings and custom make each set of rings by hand following the instructions of the buyer to the letter. The result is a custom made set of rings like no other, which matches you and your partner’s taste. You can choose the precious metal you prefer, the style of the ring, the size of the gem and you can even get a special message of your choice engraved into your rings. The result is so amazing that your engagement ring will surely be passed down for many generations to come after the defining moment in which you chose these special rings to enter your new family’s life. Because if there is any moment in your life where you have to do your best to make it special it surely is that first moment where you and your partner agree to stay together for the rest of your lives.

If you want to show the world that you and your partner’s relationship is special then there is no clearer way than to impress with a sophisticated gemstone. Black diamond engagement rings are certain to make your special moment the best it can be, unforgettable and amazing.

Titanium Wedding Bands: Durable and User-Friendly

We do tend to spend over our weddings. And since this is that very once-in-a-lifetime affair that in all probability never repeats itself, why not get the very best for it. In this article, we will be talking about mens titanium wedding bands and why it forms the very best choice for most grooms these days. Why is it that titanium as a precious metal has started to exert such an influence over the popular imagination concerning wedding fashion?

The answer perhaps lies with the virtues of titanium as a metal as well as the extremely user-friendly aspects of any piece of jewelry crafted out of the metal. The hypoallergenic trait of Titanium means that it forms an important component of a very short range of choices in jewelry material for people who are allergic to all forms of jewelry carved out of metals. Titanium also happens to be a biocompatible metal.

For people who are not allergic to jewelry, titanium presents the delightful characteristic of nearly never going out of shape or size for decades to come. We all know about the legendary strength and durability of men’s titanium wedding bands. This comes in particularly handy for energetic men with a penchant for physical exercise or sports that require the use of their hand. While most metal tend to sit ill on your finger after a hard bout of golf, titanium almost never reacts to the internal pressure due to the metal’s internal strength. This is a far cry from precious metals like gold or platinum, which might develop tiny internal cracks and flaws over years of rough usage. This is particularly unsuitable in the case of an important piece of jewelry like a wedding band since it is supposed to be worn and used all the time over the course of a couple’s married life.


Titanium also happens to be highly resistant to nearly all agents of corrosion. Most external agents fail to tarnish titanium jewelry unlike softer materials like gold or silver. It is completely safe for you to have your wedding band on for a relaxing dip in the chlorinated waters of a swimming pool. The same holds true for all your vacations, irrespective of whether you want to go rock climbing or go for a fun spin on the beach. Yes, that is right, even seawater has no effect on titanium jewelry and nor can it trigger any rashes on your screen. This is one precious metal that can prove to be user-friendly no matter where you go or what you do.

Aqua Regia, the burning red or yellow corrosive mixture, used to dissolve noble metals like gold or platinum, also has no effect on titanium. In fact, the only way to completely destroy a piece of jewelry made out of titanium seems to be to chuck it in a tumbler filled with concentrated acid in which case the metal will dissolve completely. However irrespective of how hard it is to actually destroy the metal, Titanium wedding bands, can come through in a pinch of medical emergency, in case there is a need to cut through in thee off chance of a medical emergency.

While we would like to say that the best thing about mens titanium wedding bands would be the peace of mind that you buy along with the metal, that is really not all that titanium has got to offer. Titanium sports the same sophistication that can only be found in platinum wedding bands with enhanced durability and strength. The extensive range of titanium wedding band styles on offer also vouches for the fashion statement that only a titanium wedding band can bring to you.

Diamonds Are Eternal; Black Diamonds Are Innovative!

Getting your soul mate to say yes to an eternal journey together is not the easiest thing to be completed on your ‘to do’ list. But proposing to her with one of these very special black diamond engagement rings can never hurt your chances! That is because black diamond engagement rings are one of the coolest types of engagement and wedding rings that money can buy. The hottest divas and celebrities flaunt black diamond engagement rings nowadays.

Although sparkling bright white diamonds had held their sway for a long while in the public imagination, the trend has been slowly shifting in the past few years. So if you are in the market for an exceptional substitute for a white diamond engagement ring, you must check out the exhaustive range of beautiful black diamond engagement rings available in specialty jewelry stores. As Marilyn Monroe has told us time and again, diamonds are a girl’s best friend; but they need not be in the same old white she fancied decades back.

If you are vying to get that special someone to be with you for the rest of your life, why not get the very best that you can afford to give? Several regions in Brazil, Australia and South Africa specialize in unearthing black diamonds and designing them into unique pieces of jewelry.

Now that we are discussing about white and black diamonds, you must be wondering about the origin of these precious stones. Please be aware that the worth of these stones depend on their uniqueness. That is why people pay millions of dollars in order to acquire the rare pale pink or blue diamonds. Rare diamonds like the Hope diamond or the Golkunda diamonds have acquired their places in both history and legend because of their rarity and the possessiveness of owners and ownership aspirants.


The legendary status of diamonds as gemstones can perhaps be explained by the stories of divine intervention invented by many cultures to describe the source and process of formation of gemstones, especially diamonds. In Hinduism, for example, the God of War, Indra, is powerful due to his use of diamond-encrusted arrows that conduct lightning and burn all his enemies at one go. Buddhism, too makes extensive use of gemstone-fuelled imagery to explain many of its core philosophical concepts.

More naturalistic approaches to explain the origin of diamonds were only later inventions that were favored by philosophers and naturalists. In a related aside, Robert Boyle, the famed 17th century chemist, forwarded the theory that gems like diamonds were made up of pure, transparent water, and their distinguishing colors and traits were a result of the intermingling with metallic spirits.

But all these naturalistic explanations did little to dispel the terrifying charm of diamonds that led most cultures to ascribe supernatural powers to these stones.
The first of these, of course, originated in the times of physical wars and conflicts where diamonds were supposed to possess the quality of providing victory for the person who carried a piece of ‘good’ diamond (without any imperfection) on his left arm – irrespective of the vast number or strength of his enemies.

However perhaps due to all of this and being repeatedly hyped by the 19th and 20th century media, the craze of white diamond wedding rings caught on and has held its place firmly for years. So if you want your sweetheart to carry a piece of this eternal mystery and power, as a symbol of your commitment to each other, and yet not given to the clichéd trope of white diamonds – there can be no better choice in an innovative choice of wedding or engagement rings than black diamond engagement rings.