Add in a Touch of Humor with funny wedding cake toppers

James happened to be one of my best friends. But he developed an annoying habit of constantly fiddling with his cellphone whenever he was awake. Any time of the day you caught yourself looking at James, he would either be chatting with one of his other buddies or playing Angry Birds on his phone. He even refused to leave his phone alone at parties. It was a dearest wish with many of us to kick that phone out of his hands. But being his best buddies as we were we put up with it, albeit accompanied by a little lack of grace and a few of the more mellow swear words thrown in between.

When he decided to get married to Sara, we really were overjoyed but could not help wondering how James had managed to get through courtship when he was so evidently smitten with that little electronic device of his. But we kept our curiosity a secret and lent a hand in the big preparations just as friends are expected to do. One of our friends, who also happened to be close to Sara’s family, took up the charge for the cake and we shared up the other arrangements between us. Little did we know that the big reveal and the answer to all our curiosity would come on the day of the wedding.

While James compensated having company around by simply texting on his phone, Sara refused to part with hers even as she tried out her wedding gown and jewelry and took the final steps before walking down the aisle. We would not have been surprised at all if she had decided to have a little as she walked down on her father’s arms or as James sent a quick text in between beaming expectantly at her while waiting with his best man.


So, this was the story of James and Sara’s perfect match and wedding. But the finale to their garrulous romance really came with their choice of wedding cake. It was a traditional enough tiered cake, but with the slight addition of the candy funny wedding cake toppers with the bride and groom looking their separate ways without holding hands, engaged in the absolute bliss of telephonic conversations!

If you are looking for funny wedding cake toppers, you would be well advised to follow Sara and James’ example. Funny wedding cake toppers tend to add that much needed touch of levity to formal occasions like weddings and bring a smile to everyone’s lips. While it is not necessary for the joke to compulsorily pertain to the involved parties, it certainly adds to the humor that way.

If you are a fun loving couple and want to reflect that personal touch at your wedding and surprise your guests, consider going for wedding cake toppers that add that funny little element to your union. Common choices would include bride kissing the frog prince or dragging the groom to the altar. One of my friends went to the extreme extent of adding the candy figurine of his beloved’s disapproving father to the ensemble! Needless to say, the aged gentleman was none too happy about either the wedding or the cake although he has learn to forgive them their trespasses hence. However, please take care that your humor does not come at the expense of someone’s honor. Poking fun is fine and it teaches us to be humble, but it will always serve you well to know where to draw the line. Your choice should bring a smile even to the person you are poking fun at even if it only comes in secret!

Wedding Albums in the Age of Point and Click

Why should wedding albums still be relevant in an age when the entire physical reality of your wedding can be captured and sorted in a matter of a few bits and bytes? Why do the older generations always hanker about their wedding albums and cannot imagine a wedding without it? The answer that we are looking for may indeed be quite simple – sentiment. Yes, there are always sentiments and emotions attached with social events like weddings. If it is your own wedding, it would perhaps be the most important social event that you will ever attend in your life – unless, of course, it happens to be that of your daughter’s or son’s. But sentiments and emotions do play upon you much more forcefully when you relive the entire experience through the filmed footage, so why must wedding albums still be relevant?

To explain the significance of wedding albums with an analogy, it would perhaps be quite easy to point out that a day of independence would not merit celebration or being remembered by generations of a populace if it did not have the narrative quality of history, events and stories about people who lived in those times wrapped all around it. On a similar note, there would be little meaning to your recorded memories unless they have a story to tell to persons beyond the immediate participants in a social event. This is a stark difference between wedding albums and videos. Recorded video can only be enjoyed by people who have actually participated in the process somehow. By participation, I do not mean that he or she would have to physically present at the wedding; I simply mean people who already know about the wedding or know enough about the people involved in the process to provide the video with narrative attributes. Two or three generations later, that lot of people walking around laughing on screen would simply seem weird or amusing – simply because the person watching it has lost the narrative faculty to interact with the reality presented by the recording.


It is important to remember here that a recorded video is nothing more or less than a recording of the physical reality of the event. This is in striking contrast with photographs that cannot be taken without some form of intervention on part of the author in form of a narrative. It is an outsider’s look at the reality of the wedding, but in the process of the composition of a shot that reality gets attributed with meaning by the author’s gaze. There cannot be a meaningless photograph. However this crisp narrative hold on reality is not possible in the case of video since the reality of the set is dynamic with people moving in and out of frame, gesticulating, laughing or frowning. Much of the significance of these gestures, often quieted by natural reserve on part of social beings, can easily slip through the focus of the camera unless they are deliberately highlighted, since the physical reality being filmed is so dynamic.

This deeper gaze allowed by photographs and the narrative qualities conferred on the subjects of a photograph by its composition are what allow wedding albums to survive for generations to come. Unlike video, they do not need the narrative crutches of foreknowledge and bestow subjects with an aura of naturalness that can be lacking in video.

If you are planning on having a theme or a destination wedding, there can be no greater complement to your plan than to accentuate it with a compatibly designed wedding album to cherish those memories for generations to come.

Wedding Thank You Wording – Tips and Tricks

Writing a thank you note to your guests after the wedding ceremony is over is quite as crucial as inviting them to the wedding in the first place. Most brides and grooms tend to get all choked up and confused when it comes to the question of wedding thank you card wording, especially when the person who has given the gift is known to you only by face or title. It nearly becomes a question of prejudice when you take a dislike to the gift given by someone.

But, of course, if you have to fit the role of gracious host as you have pretended to be so far, you cannot possibly let your prejudices slip. Nor can you afford to sound too stuffy or formal since you run the risk of sounding insincere. But before your wedding thank you wording has you tied up in a proverbial knot, we are here to the rescue! Let’s get started with the basic problem of addressing your guest at first.

Should you be formal in your address or adopt for a more casual friendly tone in your address? After all, chances are that you have met the person at your wedding even if you do not remember him or her very well. However, if he or she happens to be more of a professional acquaintance of yours or that of your better half, it is perhaps safer and more polite to address him or her in the more formal way of “Dear Mr. Roberts” or “Dear Ms. Grey”. If you are addressing a friend, it would be prudent not to sound too exuberant on this occasion. A simple, heartfelt note of gratitude should suffice.

The closing address should also follow suit from the opening note. “Sincerely,” “Best Regards,” “With love,” “Best Wishes,” etc. should follow the tone of your opening address. If you are writing to a close friend, a simple “Cheers” may do the trick. Do not try it with a boss or colleague though!


It might be a good idea and even be polite to mention the gift given by your guest in your thank you note. In case you really like the gift, tell them why. People like to be appreciated on their choice and telling them why you like their gift might make them much more happy than a simple thank you note. If you feel uncomfortable mentioning the gift, you can instead choose to elaborate on how you intend to make use of the same. This is particularly helpful when people decide to gift money at one’s wedding and let the bride or the groom choose a gift to their own liking. Do take care not to mention the amount though as that may seem rude.

Of course, one basic rule in wedding thank you card wording is to mention your gratitude for your guest’s presence on the special occasion or your regret at their inability to attend. If you really missed them on your special day, you can mention it without making them feel particularly abashed. Genuine reasons for not being able to attend (if mentioned beforehand), can also be mentioned in your note.

Guests tend to really appreciate the efforts taken by the bride or the groom to remember and thank them once the wedding ceremony is over. It is the gesture of courtesy that counts here. Make sure that the note is from both of you as the gratitude shown by the ‘host’ would mean both of you. In fact, you would get little chance from now on to sign off with only your name in formal social letters, so you might as well get some practice, starting with the wedding thank you wording!

Purple Flowers for Your Wedding Day

Purple is a very popular color for spring wedding flowers. Even if your main wedding theme color isn’t purple, a little spray of something purple can add a dash of color to an arrangement of white wedding flowers, or a little bit of contrast to an arrangement of pink wedding flowers. I’m going to tell you about some of the most popular choices in purple wedding flowers, and what you should know about each.

Roses are perhaps the most popular flowers for weddings, and there are many varieties of purple roses. A purple rose is said to symbolize enchantment, desire, and love at first sight, making it a very romantic choice. Of all the purple wedding flowers, the rose is perhaps the most versatile. The flower girl can scatter rose petals that exactly match the roses in the bridal bouquet and other flower arrangements. Roses come in various sizes, and mini roses are especially suitable for corsages.

Calla lilies come in various colors, including deep purple. Their elegant, elongated shape is a bit exotic. Calla lilies are associated with beauty and majesty, but there’s no special meaning assigned to purple ones. They work well in elegant, sophisticated arrangements.

The lush bunches of tiny flowers of the purple lilac have a strong, distinctive smell that evokes memories of springtime for most of us. Lilacs have been used to symbolize the first emotions of love, similar to purple roses. One problem that is often encountered with lilacs, however, is that they often don’t last as well as other cut flowers. This problem may be counteracted with proper cutting that creates a lot of surface area at the base of the stem for the flower to soak up water. If you want to use lilacs for your purple wedding flowers, make sure that they will be available at the time of year you plan to get married.

Hydrangeas come in purple, commonly in pastel shades, and their big clusters of flowers add a lively puff of color a flower arrangement. They make particularly good altar flowers because of the large size of the clusters. Like lilacs, however, hydrangeas have woody stems that need to be cut just right to draw up enough water, or they will wilt quickly.


Irises may be counted as purple wedding flowers or blue wedding flowers. Their bold petals and sleek leaves make them instantly recognizable. The yellow center of the classic purple-blue iris creates contrast that makes the whole flower appear more brightly colored. Irises can be an excellent way to tie together a bouquet of purple and yellow spring flowers. The long, straight stems of irises make them good material for simple bridal bouquets, as well.

Orchids come in several varieties, and many shades of purple. They are popular in Japanese-style flower arrangements, and they last relatively well. A simple cascade style bouquet of orchids, with little or no added greenery, goes well with almost any style of wedding dress. Orchids inside glass containers make fashionable centerpieces. When considering orchids for your wedding, though, remember that they can be fairly expensive. Mixing them with other varieties of flowers can help keep the cost down.

Purple tulips tend to be available from florists in the spring, but if you plan ahead, you may be able to get greenhouse-grown tulips at other times of the year. To some, a bouquet of purple tulips symbolizes love, faith, and trust, which makes it very thematic for a wedding. Similar to irises, tulips tied with a simple ribbon can make an attractive bouquet on their own, or they may be used as part of a more complicated arrangement of purple wedding flowers.

Some less common varieties of purple wedding flowers include purple Vanda, spider mums, and Lisianthus. The Mariachi Lisianthus has an intriguing pattern of white petals tipped in purple. If you want a purple bridal bouquet with a wildflower theme, consider flowers like purple daisies, asters, lavender, and larkspur.

Gifts of Service, Personalized Wedding Gifts

Giving personalized wedding gifts is the perfect way of honoring newly-wed couples during their special wedding celebration. The gifts that you solely design signify a heartfelt greeting to the couple.

Wedding gifts give you the opportunity to extend your best wishes of everlasting happiness to the lives of the newlyweds. Personalized wedding gifts are significant means of saying congratulations to the bride and groom. With a custom look bearing a personalized touch, nothing is quite moving as personalized wedding accessory and gifts in making the occasion joyous and memorable.

Wedding Gifts to Stand the Test of Time

With numerous items to choose from, and even more ways to create them on your own, personalized wedding gifts can be excellent in forms of engraved wedding gifts, great wedding gifts and original wedding gifts which will surely exceed your expectations.

For this very special day, your personal creations show extensive ingenuity and uniqueness which reveal that you care much about the couple. Sending the newlyweds these kinds of wedding gifts further signify your cheerful sentiments to them.

Personalized wedding gifts do not require a large sum of money to gather the items but a creative and talented mind paired with artistic skills. It only needs your effort, time and creativity to work on the gift with passion; then you can hand it proudly to the newlyweds.

Your gifts should help the couples start a new life together in a very romantic and touching way — one that they will surely treasure forever. Through your personal creations, they will feel extra special and important. The presents that you give them serve as a loving reminder for the couple every time they take a glimpse at them of how special and valuable they are to you.

You can also show your loving support to the couple with gifts that are sentimental in nature, which will definitely stir your friends’ emotions and evoke feelings of appreciation. For such a special occasion, you need to mark the day with an “always and forever” personalized wedding gift theme that the newly-weds can cherish forever.


Treasured Keepsake Gifts

Personal creations have exclusive, unique and top wedding gift qualities that are worthy to be kept forever by the newly-wed couple. Through engraved wedding gifts, you can insert and even say your wishes and dreams for the newly-weds in written form.

Another way of extending your best wishes to your friends who are about to be married is through great wedding gifts, which should be elegant and exquisite in appearance with a touch of warmth. Original wedding gifts are wedding presents which are exclusively extraordinary and rare. A wedding gift idea that comes fresh from your mind can be conceptualized and formed in any way you want them to be.

Wedding gifts with a special message give couples a visible reminder of marriage essentials that should be treasured forever. These personalized wedding gifts make timeless keepsakes. With these unique wedding presents, you can have the items tailored to the personal desires of your friends.

Personalized gifts could be any item you wish to offer your newly-wed friends as long as they are from the heart. These presents will absolutely bring a smile to the faces of the newly-wed couple.


Fortunately, you can send a gift of the highest quality without burning a hole in your wallet. Search and personalize your gifts for the bride and groom by using a little sentimental theme as you wish them a lifetime of happiness. Original and impressive personalized wedding gifts are great and worth keeping.  They cost less; and no one will know where you bought them!


Some Bright Ideas for Perfect Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Wedding flower centerpieces that live up to their sobriquet are the center of attraction next only to the stars of the show — the bride and the groom. When you’re looking at a wedding reception in a five-star establishment, you can be sure that the centerpiece is part of the luxurious package. Talk about air-flown Holland tulips and exotic oriental orchids; and you can let your imagination do the rest. However they are arranged or bundled, these imported world-class blossoms are going to be the centerpieces of admiration.

But only couples from upscale families can stage such ostentatious follies.  A larger percentage is left to their own resources to stay on their budget.  Event organizers are known for their ingenuity in arranging cheap wedding centerpieces to look elegant.  As long as wedding flower centerpieces don’t look out of synch with the main motif, they should look all right.


You don’t have to shell out a fortune to dazzle your wedding reception guests with expensive wedding flower centerpieces. There are quite a number of bright and inexpensive ideas that you can alter, depending on your budget like the following:


  • Submerged flower options


Prepare a number of tall clear vases, cylindrical or square in shape, according to the number of reception tables in the reception hall.  Prepare a bigger clear glass receptacle for the table of the newly weds and the table of the sponsors and special luminaries. Put some clear water and submerge the flowers.


      • One long stem of orchids can be a sizzler.  The exotic multiple blossoms in one long stem can hold their shape very well under water.  These kinds of orchids don’t cost as much as Cattleya and can come in a breathtaking combination of colors. The patterns are quite interesting, especially those petals that are spotted.  Different orchids can be used to solve the difficulty of making voluminous orders for one single kind of orchid.  Get those bold orange orchids to the presidential table; and regal the wedded couple’s table with a blushing fuchsia orchid.  For added effect, you can have some rose petals float to surround the orchid. You won’t need so many orchids to accomplish such a gorgeous centerpiece.


      • A bunch of long-stemmed tulips, in cheery colors like pink and yellow, can also make some impressive wedding flower centerpieces in their submerged state. The petals would look so queenly and volatile in water. Again, you can use different colors or use the motif of the wedding.


      • Budding long-stemmed roses with leaves can also look so regal and dainty when submerged. The big, white American rose look better than the smaller varieties.



  • All-pink flower centerpieces


A low-cut dark-colored round vase can be an ideal arrangement receptacle for anything pink. Pink hydrangeas, pink roses, pink cymbidium orchids and other pink blossoms can be combined.  Or they can go solo. Just make sure that the motif of the wedding is also a matching shade of pink. You can use smaller wedding flower centerpieces in the tables of the other guests, and bigger ones for the couple’s table and the tables of the wedding sponsors.


  • Artificial  flower centerpieces


Fresh flowers can be very expensive for fall wedding centerpieces.  And fresh flowers can easily wilt for beach wedding centerpieces during summer.  But don’t worry a bit because artificial flowers can now look as real as or even more real than their newly plucked counterparts.


Man-made, artificial flowers are, in fact, easier to arrange than the fresh ones. Silk flowers, crepe paper flowers, mulberry paper flowers, foil or tinsel flowers, handcrafted flowers, and flowers from every conceivable material are just perfect for any wedding flower arrangement. These cheap wedding centerpieces don’t really dampen the reception and can hold their elegance despite the heat. They are cheaper and reusable for other events or other wedding receptions; or you can use them as give-aways. Fresh flowers can last only a while and then wilt or die; the wedding centerpieces will, therefore, have to be done as a last-minute task. Artificial flowers can be arranged way ahead in advance so there won’t be any rush during the preparation of the reception hall. You can even call some florists who are offering artificial wedding flower centerpieces customized to your specifications.


It is also fashionable to use glass flowers for fall wedding centerpieces in the same manner that colorful fresh fruits can now be the center of attraction as beach wedding centerpieces.


With so many amazing ways to come up with memorable wedding flower centerpieces, you can leave the matter to the event organizers and look forward to your honeymoon instead.