Post Wedding Photo Session on the Rise

Photography for weddings is usually limited to a pre-nuptial and on the day photo session. It seems that there is so much love that can be showcased on the still images at these times. Nowadays, couples even follow a theme to make it more dramatic as it is typically an all out session. But another kind of shoot is on the rise today that couples want to have and that is the post wedding pictures.


What makes this kind of photography favorable to the couple is that the pressure of the wedding is lifted. The now husband and wife do not have to think of other matters than just about adjusting to the new life that they are having together. This allows for a shoot that is relaxed and the couple can even opt for an intimate style for the post-nuptial pictures.

Thinking about it, the post-nuptial session is a good option because the couples are able to easily find time to do it. With all the preparation over, the week is freed up from attending to the details just to make the event as perfect as it can be. Couples can usually laugh about how the ceremony transpire and reminisce with happiness what was experienced.


As they are still on the honeymoon stage, some couples even dare to take pictures in a bedroom scantily clad. Others just put on their nuptial dresses to make the most of these getups and have more images in different spots nearby. Sometimes there are misses on the actual wedding day and can be made up during this session. While some couples follow a certain theme that depicts their married life with the infusion of their personalities.

There are also couples that hire photographers to document their honeymoon trip. This can be great way to have those loving images of the morning after the ceremony. The pictures have more joyful expressions of the new husband and wife. It is such a relief and amazing feeling of having done the celebration and starting a new life together officially. For destination weddings, local photographers can do the photo shoot for the couple.

Post wedding photo session is somewhat a preferred way to immortalize the love shared between the couple. There is no rushing about taking these intimate images because time is on their side. To make the best of these events in life, it is better to choose a photography package that includes before, during and after nuptial pictures. The most important thing to have in this once in a lifetime occasion is to get as many snapshots as possible. These are the images that will remind the couple of the undying love they have for each other.

Wedding Albums in the Age of Point and Click

Why should wedding albums still be relevant in an age when the entire physical reality of your wedding can be captured and sorted in a matter of a few bits and bytes? Why do the older generations always hanker about their wedding albums and cannot imagine a wedding without it? The answer that we are looking for may indeed be quite simple – sentiment. Yes, there are always sentiments and emotions attached with social events like weddings. If it is your own wedding, it would perhaps be the most important social event that you will ever attend in your life – unless, of course, it happens to be that of your daughter’s or son’s. But sentiments and emotions do play upon you much more forcefully when you relive the entire experience through the filmed footage, so why must wedding albums still be relevant?

To explain the significance of wedding albums with an analogy, it would perhaps be quite easy to point out that a day of independence would not merit celebration or being remembered by generations of a populace if it did not have the narrative quality of history, events and stories about people who lived in those times wrapped all around it. On a similar note, there would be little meaning to your recorded memories unless they have a story to tell to persons beyond the immediate participants in a social event. This is a stark difference between wedding albums and videos. Recorded video can only be enjoyed by people who have actually participated in the process somehow. By participation, I do not mean that he or she would have to physically present at the wedding; I simply mean people who already know about the wedding or know enough about the people involved in the process to provide the video with narrative attributes. Two or three generations later, that lot of people walking around laughing on screen would simply seem weird or amusing – simply because the person watching it has lost the narrative faculty to interact with the reality presented by the recording.


It is important to remember here that a recorded video is nothing more or less than a recording of the physical reality of the event. This is in striking contrast with photographs that cannot be taken without some form of intervention on part of the author in form of a narrative. It is an outsider’s look at the reality of the wedding, but in the process of the composition of a shot that reality gets attributed with meaning by the author’s gaze. There cannot be a meaningless photograph. However this crisp narrative hold on reality is not possible in the case of video since the reality of the set is dynamic with people moving in and out of frame, gesticulating, laughing or frowning. Much of the significance of these gestures, often quieted by natural reserve on part of social beings, can easily slip through the focus of the camera unless they are deliberately highlighted, since the physical reality being filmed is so dynamic.

This deeper gaze allowed by photographs and the narrative qualities conferred on the subjects of a photograph by its composition are what allow wedding albums to survive for generations to come. Unlike video, they do not need the narrative crutches of foreknowledge and bestow subjects with an aura of naturalness that can be lacking in video.

If you are planning on having a theme or a destination wedding, there can be no greater complement to your plan than to accentuate it with a compatibly designed wedding album to cherish those memories for generations to come.

Wedding Photography – Who and How?

Most would be brides and grooms tend to tie themselves up in a knot when it comes to the question of wedding photography. Should they go for a friend known for his enthusiastic dabbling in a DSLR? Or will old uncle XYZ do for the day? Is it worth spending the extra bucks on a professional photographer? Isn’t the occasion itself more important (and thereby merit more expenditure) than the effort to freeze those moments forever in time?

Opting to go for a professional photographer at a wedding has many pros but a few cons as well, not the least of which is the additional strain on the wedding budget. Of course, you can rest assured that the cameraman will indeed know the tricks of his trade so to say, especially if he is working with an agency or an organization. He will know how to arrange for the best lights, those exquisite Kodak moments and the wedding album delivered to you at the culmination of festivities will have all the signature trademarks of a professional photographer.

The choice, however, lies with you. Is that shiny little package with impeccable pictures in a formal setting really what you want to look back at? Or would you rather settle for a lower grade but more personalized approach; a friend of the family who knows exactly when to click the shutter in those candid moments? The enthusiastic familiar face who knows who will look interesting with who among the extended guest list? The choice, as we said, is up to you.

Another aspect of wedding photography that often ends up confusing would be brides and grooms is of course, the rather uncomfortable prospect of wedding photography tips. Should you tip the wedding photographer? Would not it be rather demeaning for the personable guy or girl? If you must tip him or her, what will be a reasonable amount for a tip?


The answers to all these questions depend on your own unique context, the personality of the photographer and how good or bad a job he does at your wedding. Of course, if he is the shy type, it might take some persuasion to get him to accept a tip for a job well done. But as a general rule, most professional photographers accept tips as a sign of compliment for a job dutifully completed.

If you are in a serious dilemma over determining how much should you tip him for, an easy way out would be to compliment him in kind with little gifts like a well-decorated bouquet or a basket of chocolates. If that option also fails to work out for you, you might choose to compromise with a signatory token of appreciation like inviting him over to dinner when he comes to deliver your wedding album. After all, it is his handiwork that you will be admiring over the years as you cherish the treasured moment of your wedding.

Some of the perennial wedding photography tips would include the age-old, “Make sure the wedding photographer has multiple referrals from family or friends.” This is actually good advice if you don’t know the photographer personally or have only seen his works over the Internet. Be sure to at least talk to him before the wedding if you cannot at all get him to visit the venue of the wedding in advance and have him check out the area and the lighting well in advance. Some people even go to the extent of showing the photographer everything from the locale to the bridesmaid’s dress and even have him around during rehearsals or mock-ups in order to prepare him for the D-day well in advance.