Couture Wedding Invitations – Set Your Wedding Apart From The Start

A wedding that is at the top end of fashion is one which many couples aspire to, and especially brides. If you decide to wear couture wedding gown, all the other aspects of the wedding will need to reach the same standard – and this includes the couture wedding invitations. You cannot allow your invitations to let you down.


A couture gown cannot be bought from a store, however exclusive. Strictly speaking, it can only be given this accolade if it has been personally created for you by one of an elite group of world class designers, though in practice it can apply to any high quality bespoke dress. Once you have had your gown designed and fitted, and selected the material, it is time to start thinking about how your couture wedding invitations will enhance the theme you have chosen.


So what are the characteristics of couture wedding invitations? In the first place, they must be unique. This means of course that, like your dress, they must be specially created for you. If you buy them readymade, however expensive and exclusive they are, there is at least a slight possibility that someone else will have similar designs and so they are not couture. In the second place, a couture wedding invitation really needs to be fashionable and up to the minute. You may decide to have a retro wedding with a 1970s or 1980s theme, which will be attractive and fun, but not couture. Thirdly, they must be at the top end of style. They could be unique to you, but still be tawdry and tasteless. These would not qualify as couture invitations.


Like your dress, therefore, your couture wedding invitations will be fashionable, stylish, and completely exclusive. They will also fit in with the design and colors of your dress, though obviously they cannot be exactly the same. The important thing is that you want your whole wedding, including your gown, to be an eye-catching work of art, and therefore you want your wedding invitations couture to be eye-catching works of art as well. How do you do this?



First of all, your couture wedding invitation material should be exclusive and different. It will almost certainly not be ordinary paper, though it can be specialty paper such as rice paper or vellum. Better still, if you can have your paper specially created for you by hand, you can be quite sure it will be unique. Alternatively for a luxury look, you can use luxurious fabrics like velvet, satin or silk. Rather than having just a single layer, the couture invitations will look more elegant if it is built up from several layers of paper or fabric.


The printing can be flat print, with several colors layered together or incorporating ornamental patterns or background prints, or by using thermographs you can have the lettering raised up from the surface. A style often used for couture wedding invitations is calligraphy, in which a skilled calligrapher handwrites your chosen words and digitally reproduces them on to your cards. That way you can be sure your style is totally personalized to yourself.


What will really make your couture wedding invitations unique to you, and an integral part of your wedding at the same time, will be having some detail of the occasion woven into the fabric. It could be a small swatch of your dress material, or a photo or hand-drawn picture of the wedding venue. One example featured a hand-painted design based on the actual embroidery on the bridal gown. Designs can be romantic and pretty, or bold and modern.

There is absolutely no limit to the possibilities for couture wedding invitations. Because each is unique, there will be as many ideas as there are couples getting married. By sending out an invitation of this kind, you are sending a message to your guests that your marriage is going to be something special and exclusive, and promising that it will be unforgettable for all the best reasons.