Creative Wedding Invitations For Your Big Day

Once you know which of your friends and family will share in your special day, it will be time to start looking at creative wedding invitations. For your guests, receiving a creative wedding invitation sets the mood and lets them know that you’re making an extra effort to ensure your wedding is a success. This article looks at what you can do to make your invitations full of personality and flair.


The ideal wedding invitation will look so good that guests will want to keep it. You want to go for a combination of striking and classy. If you have a good graphic design program you can make a range of creative wedding invitations. One idea is to use your photo library to create a montage of your happiest moments, or you can take new photos of the two of you holding up signs that give the time and date of the wedding. If you engage the services of a specialist printer you can print invitations that look like airline tickets. This is especially effective if the wedding is at a holiday destination such as Hawaii or Rarotonga. Another idea, if you have a friend who is an artist or if you wish to employ one, is to get a drawing of yourselves made up in the form of a playing card showing a king and a queen. One last idea, if you are a couple for whom music is important, is to make up an invitation in the form of a concert poster.



When it comes to creative wedding invitations you are not limited to the design of the invitation itself. You can also get creative with the packaging. An invitation rolled up into a tube and fastened with a segment of lace or ribbon looks good, or you can use a wax seal for a more official style. One of the best ideas for creative wedding invitations is to package the invitation like a CD, with the time and date of the wedding included in a booklet. This way you can also add a CD with the actual playlist of songs from the reception, or if you don’t want to give the game away, a CD of the songs that meant the most to you during your courtship. If you’d rather make an understated impression you can send the invitation in a specially designed box.

Other creative wedding ideas

If you have a wedding where you know each of the guests intimately, you can put creative wedding invitation wording to good use. Add one fact about three other anonymous guests on each invitation, and challenge the recipient to try to find out who each fact refers to. This is a great way to get the guests to mingle and learn to know each other. Another way to build intimacy is to use the wording to personalize each invitation. You could write a different poem for each guest telling them why they are important to you and how honored you would be to have them present. The final consideration for creative wedding invitations is the font. There are literally hundreds of different fonts available and you want to find one that suits you both and also fits the mood of the ceremony.

These ideas for creative wedding invitations will give your wedding a wow factor before it even happens. If you use your imagination you can not only give your guests a lasting gift but can ensure that the atmosphere of your wedding day is one of joy and harmony. There is no better way to get people talking and looking forward to the occasion than the right wedding invitation.