Experience a Unique Wedding With Personalized Touches

For most people weddings are not anymore about being grand and having to many people to witness the ceremony. Today, intimacy is sought by the couple when getting married choosing only to have the close friends, family and relatives to share the day with. A factor may be because of the budget constraints but in the bigger picture couples seek to have a more personalized way in celebrating their wedding day. In addition to having only the people they know be there at the ceremony and reception, the details are provided with touches of couple’s personalities.

The goal of weddings today is to make it unique in every aspect following a certain theme or color scheme. The bride and groom can come up with the nuptial invitation through do-it-yourself arts and crafts. Free tutorials and layout of these invitations are available in the internet for those who are not too crafty. Better yet let a few people help especially those who are into scrapbooking or have artistic talent both in paper and in the computer. Handy tools and specialty papers are readily available to meet the needs of anyone creating their own invitations, guest books, place cards, table settings and many more.

Another way to add a distinct wedding detail is letting the guests sign on a non-book guest log. In the recent years, it used to be a large frame with a small photo of the couple and everyone will sign their names on the paper around the picture. But as the creative minds continue to search for better ideas, the couple can make their guests participate in well wishes written on rocks, a lounging chair or bench. You can come up with a guest book where the guests can place their name and can be displayed around the home shared with your spouse. This will be a happy reminder of the cherished event that started your marriage.


The table centerpieces and decorations can also be given a personalized touch by the couple. Putting a few pictures of the bride and groom before marriage can be displayed in the center of the table and around the venue. The couple’s logo can be placed on each plate with the menu for the meal that is waiting for everyone. A few decorations can also present the couple’s initials as well as the best pre-nuptials shots. Then the souvenirs or giveaways will also have the couple’s names along with the date and wedding place.

The details in a wedding celebration can be as personalized as you want it to be. There is no limitation on how much of the couple’s personalities can be exhibited as it is their day to simple share. From do-it-yourself invitations, souvenirs and decorations, the bride and groom will certainly have a blast with their unique style of starting their married life.