Add in a Touch of Humor with funny wedding cake toppers

James happened to be one of my best friends. But he developed an annoying habit of constantly fiddling with his cellphone whenever he was awake. Any time of the day you caught yourself looking at James, he would either be chatting with one of his other buddies or playing Angry Birds on his phone. He even refused to leave his phone alone at parties. It was a dearest wish with many of us to kick that phone out of his hands. But being his best buddies as we were we put up with it, albeit accompanied by a little lack of grace and a few of the more mellow swear words thrown in between.

When he decided to get married to Sara, we really were overjoyed but could not help wondering how James had managed to get through courtship when he was so evidently smitten with that little electronic device of his. But we kept our curiosity a secret and lent a hand in the big preparations just as friends are expected to do. One of our friends, who also happened to be close to Sara’s family, took up the charge for the cake and we shared up the other arrangements between us. Little did we know that the big reveal and the answer to all our curiosity would come on the day of the wedding.

While James compensated having company around by simply texting on his phone, Sara refused to part with hers even as she tried out her wedding gown and jewelry and took the final steps before walking down the aisle. We would not have been surprised at all if she had decided to have a little as she walked down on her father’s arms or as James sent a quick text in between beaming expectantly at her while waiting with his best man.


So, this was the story of James and Sara’s perfect match and wedding. But the finale to their garrulous romance really came with their choice of wedding cake. It was a traditional enough tiered cake, but with the slight addition of the candy funny wedding cake toppers with the bride and groom looking their separate ways without holding hands, engaged in the absolute bliss of telephonic conversations!

If you are looking for funny wedding cake toppers, you would be well advised to follow Sara and James’ example. Funny wedding cake toppers tend to add that much needed touch of levity to formal occasions like weddings and bring a smile to everyone’s lips. While it is not necessary for the joke to compulsorily pertain to the involved parties, it certainly adds to the humor that way.

If you are a fun loving couple and want to reflect that personal touch at your wedding and surprise your guests, consider going for wedding cake toppers that add that funny little element to your union. Common choices would include bride kissing the frog prince or dragging the groom to the altar. One of my friends went to the extreme extent of adding the candy figurine of his beloved’s disapproving father to the ensemble! Needless to say, the aged gentleman was none too happy about either the wedding or the cake although he has learn to forgive them their trespasses hence. However, please take care that your humor does not come at the expense of someone’s honor. Poking fun is fine and it teaches us to be humble, but it will always serve you well to know where to draw the line. Your choice should bring a smile even to the person you are poking fun at even if it only comes in secret!