A Bride’s Guide To Homemade Wedding Invitations

A perfectly planned wedding is a dream-come-true. Invitation cards are one of the most important parts of a wedding, anywhere in the world. After all it is the announcement that shall set nuptial wheels into motion. This article is a bride’s guide to homemade wedding invitations.

Why choose homemade wedding invitations over professionally done wedding cards?
Your wedding can never mean the same to anyone else as it does to you. Professionals go through the rut of designing a wedding card without paying any attention to personal details of the couple getting married. You get a neat looking card but that is all that it is. For couples who want their wedding cards to be mirrors of their love story, homemade wedding invitations are nothing short of a savior. While designing your invitation yourself, you can include small details like your favorite flowers and locations into the design. Also, personally going through the designing process can further strengthen the love bond between couple.

Are Homemade Wedding Invitations Practical?
Many people argue that homemade wedding invitation cards are practical only if you have a small guest list. While this may be true, because you can’t create every card by your hands for a guest list of say, 500 people, you can still make the prototype  yourself and have someone else make it. The trick for couples with a long wedding list is to create the basic design themselves and then hire someone to actually produce the cards. You may seek help of wedding printing presses, neighborhood craft groups or even junior high children looking for after-school work. If you are skeptic about sending handmade cards to all guests, narrow down to a list of your closest friends and relatives. Send the special handmade wedding cards to them and keep more formal invitation cards for the others.

How to make homemade wedding invitations?
Most of the supplies required for creating your invitation can be found at local stationery and craft stores. Some stores may even have wedding invitation card designer kits. Essentially, you will need paper, colors, glue, paper-cutter, mounting board and embellishments like tiny beads etc. It is a good idea to think of your invitation in your mind before setting to crafting one. That way, you will be clear about how to make wedding invitations.


Where to Look for Inspiration?
No person is creatively challenged. Everyone, even if they have never put a sharpie to paper, can come up with some ideas of what they would like to see on their invite. Inspiration is all around you from little jewelry boxes to a place that you and your partner visited together. If you encounter problems giving shape to your thoughts, seek out the help of a graphic designer or a doodler.

Here are some ideas for homemade wedding invitations:
•    Take inspiration from the past milestones of your relationship. For example, if your fiancé proposed to you with a Tiffany’s ring that you are especially smitten with, adopt the Tiffany’s theme for your wedding invitation. Tiffany and co. offers stationary in its trademark blue color.
•    Use pictures of both of you to create a collage.
•    If either one of you is a cartoonist, graphic designer or artist, you may turn your wedding invitation into a small piece of art.
•    Another good idea is to incorporate dried leaves and flowers as a symbol of past memories.
•    You can craft the invitation out of fabrics like velvet, satin and even printed cotton mounted on sturdy paper. You can take inspiration from fashion designers like Martha Stewart and Diane Von Furstenberg, if you want to include printed fabrics in your invite.
•    You may also scent the cards before sealing them in their envelopes.

Homemade invitations have an aura of their own. As fingers rub against exotic paper and the eyes travel over tiny details, an unparalleled magnitude of luxury and awe is registered in the mind of the recipient.  Every bride wants her wedding to be remembered as Cinderella’s ball and homemade wedding invitations help you do just that.