How to Make Wedding Invitations

Announcements inviting loved ones and friends to share in the celebration of happiness between two people united in love and devotion become more special when created and written by the couples themselves; and these helpful ideas and tips on how to make your own wedding invitations will show uniqueness and your sense of personal touch.  Added to this, without compromising style and presentation, do-it-yourself wedding invitations are cost-saving and economical which, of course, contributes to helping the over-all wedding budget.

  1. Since it should ideally give the expected guests a glimpse of the upcoming celebration, make it yourself wedding invitations should have a theme agreed upon by the couple.  Themes usually represent the wedding couple’s personality, lifestyle, cultural background and preferences.  An oriental wedding that will be held in a tranquil Chinese garden could have an invitation with handwritten or personally digitally printed Chinese inscriptions of love and prosperity set in a red paper.  Several websites offer suggestions on how to make wedding invitations that depict cultural and religious backgrounds.


  1. After deciding on a motif or color which usually matches the entire wedding theme, think of designs bearing the preferences and style that you and your mate share.  You can get additional inspiration from the internet where a lot of make your own wedding invitations ideas are available from the conventionally elegant to the highly artsy and innovative.


  1. Canvass and look around for your wedding invitation supplies.  Wider selections of interesting and attractive invitation materials are found in your nearby arts and crafts shops as well as educational and office supplies stores.  Online sites on how to make wedding invitations may provide a list of materials needed to purchase from your supply store.  Depending upon the designs chosen from the how to make your own wedding invitations sites, you can comfortably decide on the perfect color and paper texture from among the large array of card stocks.  Card stocks are absolutely the material of choice for your wedding invitations since they come in different textures, sizes and colors.  They possess a high durable quality, ensuring the preservation of your cards. There are also terrific and convenient wedding invitation kits you can opt for. Other decorative aids such as ribbons, lace, stamping materials and other creative stuff are mostly readily available in the arts and crafts store.  It would also be advantageous in terms of time and effort if you would want to order wedding designing materials online and have them delivered at your doorstep.


  1. Create a template using your Word Processor.  Be sure to observe proper wedding etiquette and elegance when formulating the texts in your invitation to create a good impression with your guests.  Some websites on how to make wedding invitations give pieces of advice related to wedding etiquette, such as addressing your guests with the correct formal social titles like Mr., Mrs., Dr. and others. Sometimes enclosures like RSVP, Thank You, reception, return addresses and map cards are inserted inside the wedding invitations.


Many printable wedding invitation and enclosure templates can be downloaded from websites that aid you on how to make wedding invitations.  These printable templates are easy, available and less expensive.  There are a lot of template styles which look expensive and classy.  Using printable wedding invitation templates will give you the advantage of having to preview them and making all those necessary changes and improvements before they are printed.



  1. There are two ways of printing your wedding invitation’s texts.  If you think you are skilled enough and own a reliable printer, you can do the printing yourself.  You can also bring your customized wedding invitation template, card stock materials and envelopes to a printing shop and avail of their service.


  1. Make the last finishing touches by adding dainty decorations, such as ribbons, lace and stamp imprints.  Be sure that the cards look clean and well-polished.  Insert the invitations and enclosures into the designated envelopes for mailing.

These simple ideas on how to make wedding invitations will impress your guests.  Having to hear words of admiration from loved ones and friends would certainly add more pleasant memories to your wedding day.