Titanium Wedding Bands: Durable and User-Friendly

We do tend to spend over our weddings. And since this is that very once-in-a-lifetime affair that in all probability never repeats itself, why not get the very best for it. In this article, we will be talking about mens titanium wedding bands and why it forms the very best choice for most grooms these days. Why is it that titanium as a precious metal has started to exert such an influence over the popular imagination concerning wedding fashion?

The answer perhaps lies with the virtues of titanium as a metal as well as the extremely user-friendly aspects of any piece of jewelry crafted out of the metal. The hypoallergenic trait of Titanium means that it forms an important component of a very short range of choices in jewelry material for people who are allergic to all forms of jewelry carved out of metals. Titanium also happens to be a biocompatible metal.

For people who are not allergic to jewelry, titanium presents the delightful characteristic of nearly never going out of shape or size for decades to come. We all know about the legendary strength and durability of men’s titanium wedding bands. This comes in particularly handy for energetic men with a penchant for physical exercise or sports that require the use of their hand. While most metal tend to sit ill on your finger after a hard bout of golf, titanium almost never reacts to the internal pressure due to the metal’s internal strength. This is a far cry from precious metals like gold or platinum, which might develop tiny internal cracks and flaws over years of rough usage. This is particularly unsuitable in the case of an important piece of jewelry like a wedding band since it is supposed to be worn and used all the time over the course of a couple’s married life.


Titanium also happens to be highly resistant to nearly all agents of corrosion. Most external agents fail to tarnish titanium jewelry unlike softer materials like gold or silver. It is completely safe for you to have your wedding band on for a relaxing dip in the chlorinated waters of a swimming pool. The same holds true for all your vacations, irrespective of whether you want to go rock climbing or go for a fun spin on the beach. Yes, that is right, even seawater has no effect on titanium jewelry and nor can it trigger any rashes on your screen. This is one precious metal that can prove to be user-friendly no matter where you go or what you do.

Aqua Regia, the burning red or yellow corrosive mixture, used to dissolve noble metals like gold or platinum, also has no effect on titanium. In fact, the only way to completely destroy a piece of jewelry made out of titanium seems to be to chuck it in a tumbler filled with concentrated acid in which case the metal will dissolve completely. However irrespective of how hard it is to actually destroy the metal, Titanium wedding bands, can come through in a pinch of medical emergency, in case there is a need to cut through in thee off chance of a medical emergency.

While we would like to say that the best thing about mens titanium wedding bands would be the peace of mind that you buy along with the metal, that is really not all that titanium has got to offer. Titanium sports the same sophistication that can only be found in platinum wedding bands with enhanced durability and strength. The extensive range of titanium wedding band styles on offer also vouches for the fashion statement that only a titanium wedding band can bring to you.