Wedding Photography – Who and How?

Most would be brides and grooms tend to tie themselves up in a knot when it comes to the question of wedding photography. Should they go for a friend known for his enthusiastic dabbling in a DSLR? Or will old uncle XYZ do for the day? Is it worth spending the extra bucks on a […]

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Wedding Thank You Wording – Tips and Tricks

Writing a thank you note to your guests after the wedding ceremony is over is quite as crucial as inviting them to the wedding in the first place. Most brides and grooms tend to get all choked up and confused when it comes to the question of wedding thank you card wording, especially when the […]

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Purple Flowers for Your Wedding Day


Purple is a very popular color for spring wedding flowers. Even if your main wedding theme color isn’t purple, a little spray of something purple can add a dash of color to an arrangement of white wedding flowers, or a little bit of contrast to an arrangement of pink wedding flowers. I’m going to tell […]

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Be a Wedding Planner and Make Fairytales Come True

wedding planner

Would you like to know how to become a wedding planner? A recent publication from the U.S. Board of Labor Statistics predicts that the career outlook for wedding planners is good, particularly for those who live in large population centers with plenty of potential clients. Some make it a full time career, while others work […]

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Thank You Cards in a Digital Age


Even in this modern age of e-mail and cell phones, there are still some occasions when a paper note is the most polite medium for a message. You wouldn’t text the invitations to a formal wedding, would you? Well, like wedding invitations, thank you cards are also ideally made out of paper. Making the extra […]

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Practical Advice on Save the Date Magnets for Your Wedding

Gorgeous Magnet from "Fabulous Invites - NYC"

It can be helpful to tell your friends and family about your upcoming wedding date as soon as you’ve decided for sure when it will be. You may not have the details figured out, and the formal invitations may not be printed yet, but if you at least know the date, it’s good to get […]

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Gifts of Service, Personalized Wedding Gifts


Giving personalized wedding gifts is the perfect way of honoring newly-wed couples during their special wedding celebration. The gifts that you solely design signify a heartfelt greeting to the couple. Wedding gifts give you the opportunity to extend your best wishes of everlasting happiness to the lives of the newlyweds. Personalized wedding gifts are significant […]

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A Beach Theme Wedding to Look Forward To


Whether you’re going for a tropical ambiance or a Hawaiian setting, a beach theme wedding is an occasion your guests can anticipate with bated breath. Spice the event with surprises, and you’ll never hear the end of the ooh’s and aah’s from your guests.   Location survey for the wedding ceremony Get to work and […]

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What Wedding Guest Books Should Be


  Many wedding guest books are mere glamorized, handsomely bound registry books where the names and signatures of the wedding guests are recorded for posterity’s sake. Since there’s nothing else to see but names, you can bet that the book will soon be a dusty fixture in the basement storage bin. Fortunately, there’s a school […]

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