The Frivolous Peacock Wedding Invitations

One absolutely funky and widely acclaimed idea that has caught fire is the printing of peacock wedding invitations. If you are raring to be different and make a sharp detour from the likes of traditional wedding invitations, then go ahead. Like a peacock flaunting to be majestically different, you can assert your individuality and more. The grandiose of peacock feathers symmetry along with their striking spots and colors can do magic to your peacock feather wedding invitations.


Worrying that your invitation will look like a copy cat besides being a headline-grabber? The printers assure you that your peacock wedding invitation is the only one of its kind. There is no duplicate copy of it anywhere in the world. That should make it more expensive than the rest; but then, who cares?  Elegant peacock wedding invitations, which come in special editions, give you such priceless delight and satisfaction. You don’t want to leave any stone unturned in giving your wedding all the unusual twists.  Of course, there are also special offers of cheap peacock wedding invitations quoted at special discounts. Most of them come under the DIY category of making peacock wedding invitations. You may yet change your mind and save some money for the rainy days.


What makes peacock wedding invitations pretty as a peacock?  If you trace the roots of why the peacock stands as a symbol of so many sterling qualities, then you can start with a popular legend.  The myth says that the guards of the gates of heaven are two gallant peacocks. There are also claims that peacocks are the only known exterminators of poisonous snakes. They can eat venomous snakes without getting killed. Or if they do, they resurrect. Of course, you can see with your own bare eyes how regal peacocks are in their bearing. They are the queens in the zoo; and hordes of spectators simply adore their colorful tails and feathers.


Such adulation led to the coronation of peacocks with so many hyperbolic terms like immortality, nobility, refinement, compassion, benevolence, patience, kindness and resurrection. You can add another plum to their feather as the superstar of wedding invitations.


Nothing can beat the brilliance and the sheer beauty of the colors and texture of a peacock feather. For wedding invitations, this mystifying character of the peacock feathers can vary in thousands and thousands of different lay-outs, colors, sizes, designs and prices. You bet the peacock motif in the invite is similarly stamped in the RSVP cards, thank you cards, menu cards, wedding program and all stationary related to the wedding. Some even say, it is already an overdose of peacocks.


Fortunately, most people don’t easily tire of beautiful images. The more exclusive editions can even boast of real peacock feathers embedded in the card artistically. This makes it all the more a priceless memento of your wedding.


If your budget cannot catch up with your deep fascination with the majestic colors of real peacock feathers, do not give up so easily. That royal look in your wedding invitation can still be yours at a cheaper price. You have to work for it though.  Scout in the web for the DIY offers of peacock wedding invitations.  They cost less and are not so far behind those elegant special editions.  Your personal touch can do the necessary enhancements to make the invitations come alive.


If you want to be the talk of the town before, during and after your wedding, the spectacular peacock feather can be your ally. Stamp it in its ostentatious best in your RSVP cards, enclosure cards, envelope seals, wedding programs, table cards, menu cards, place cards, thank you cards, favor tags, wine labels and water bottle labels. You can even plant a peacock feather in your bridal bouquet for total effect.


Peacock wedding invitations with that overpowering peacock feather motif can make an elegant wedding a difficult feat to duplicate.