Print Your Own Wedding Invitations and Save Money

Print your own wedding invitations? That can be a tall order for someone who has no previous experience in a printing firm. Imagine what hassles you’ll be getting into if you’re really serious in coming up with your own print at home wedding invitations. Why don’t you just order from the printing press?


Well, if you have decided to print your own wedding invitations, then it must be that you are quite adept with computer programs, graphics and lay-outs.  In that case, you can go ahead and save a fortune.  Other than the much lower cost, you will find the personal satisfaction of a self-fulfilling mission, a labor of love for your own wedding.  On top of that, you have personalized just about everything, including the choice of words, color and design.


Just make sure that everything has been edited and no longer requires last-minute changes, which could be a disaster if you asked a printer to do it for you and found some errors at the last minute.


If you’re not up to the job entirely on your own, then there are several alternatives that you can resort to and still print your own wedding invitations in a more personalized manner.  Go online and check on the many DIY (Do It Yourself) print your own wedding invitations kits or templates that are being sold or offered for free. Once you are settled on one of these wedding invitations to print and believe you can follow the instructions to the letter, proceed then with the following steps:


  • Choose the style and paper stock that will complement your personality and the type of wedding you’re planning. A formal wedding ceremony and reception will, of course, demand a formal wedding invitation.  There are a lot of models offered by the template or kit makers. You are therefore given the opportunity to pick one that’s closest to your taste as a couple. Here is a partial list of the types or styles of wedding invitations:
  • Single or single panel invitations
  • Bi-fold or folder-style invitations
  • The trifold invitations : 2-fold, pursefold, gatefold
  • The royal style
  • The marquiz styles
  • The translucent style


  • Select a theme and text.  The templates are offering designs that have floral, vines, circles, squares and other accents.  They can also come with embedded hearts, cupids, angels and other dainty characters.  You can also personalize the text with your own poetic words or your favorite lines.


  • Select a color scheme and paper type.  If you have a fall wedding, natural greens and earthy tones will be splendid. Rich vibrant colors may be fine for a winter wedding, or pastels when you’re a spring bride. A formal affair will surely be complemented with white embossed invitations or simply look frivolous with formal ribbons.


  • The number of invitations to be printed will not depend on how many guests are invited.  It will be less since there are couples or entire families invited under just one invitation.


The good thing about these print your own wedding invitations kits and templates is that they provide the paper stock of your choice, including the envelopes and stationary for reception and RSVP cards, thank you cards, wedding programs and wedding menus.


For the final stages, you should make sure of your printer’s capabilities.  You should be ready with enough ink, colored and black. Solicit assistance from some friends who are trusted for delicate printing jobs and who are known for their impeccable penchant for perfection.

When your print your own wedding invitations are done, you can look back with satisfaction.  You’ve cut cost successfully, on top of having given so much of yourself in such masterpieces of love.


Indeed, these amazing do-it-yourself packages are revolutionizing the bits and pieces that make weddings such memorable affairs from beginning to end. The next time you know it, you will be printing your child’s baptismal invitation.