Practical Advice on Save the Date Magnets for Your Wedding

It can be helpful to tell your friends and family about your upcoming wedding date as soon as you’ve decided for sure when it will be. You may not have the details figured out, and the formal invitations may not be printed yet, but if you at least know the date, it’s good to get that information out so that people can plan their vacations, dental surgery, and so forth, without creating scheduling conflicts. If guests will be traveling a long distance to attend your wedding, having advance notice so that they can make travel arrangements, and get good deals on airfare, is particularly important. For these reasons, it has become common for couples to send out “save the date” cards well in advance of formal invitations.

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However, if you send the information out months in advance, there is a risk that the card will get lost in a stack of paper somewhere. Save the date magnets are a great solution for this problem. Your future wedding guests can just stick save the date wedding magnets on their refrigerators, and find the information easily when they need it.

So where can you buy personalized save the date magnets? Wedding retailers, both online and off, frequently offer this service. Other online retailers sell magnets in general, and include “save the date” magnets in their catalogues. Typically, you will have a selection of pre-existing templates to choose from, though some vendors will allow you to design the magnets yourself from scratch. Most templates for save the date magnets include at least one picture of the couple, in addition to their names and the upcoming wedding date. It’s also common to include a website address on the magnet, where people can check for more details as you get them figured out.

A magnet will normally be more expensive than a traditional paper “save the date” card. The unit cost of wedding save the date magnets depends on how many you choose to buy; quantity discounts affect the price significantly. The size of the magnet will also be a factor. Roughly, however, prices tend to fall in the range of one or two U.S. dollars per magnet. Some save the date magnets come with envelopes included, but sometimes the envelopes need to be purchased separately, so keep this in mind when comparing prices. When you are considering buying save the date magnets from an online retailer, don’t forget to include shipping charges in your price comparison. If you don’t want to shop for magnets online, you will probably be able to order customized magnets from a large office supply store, such as Staples or OfficeMax. They may be categorized as magnetic business cards, but you will most likely be able to find or supply an appropriate wedding themed design. Since business cards don’t usually come with envelopes, these will need to be purchased separately.


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Speaking of envelopes, save the date magnets may be small, but in the United States, an envelope must be at least 3 ½ by 5 inches in order to be delivered by the postal service. For mailing within Canada, envelopes need to be slightly larger: 3.6 x 5.6 inches. If you live in another country, it’s a good idea to check with your postal service to make sure that the envelopes you choose will be deliverable. Save the date magnets are usually flexible, thin, and light enough that standard letter postage rates will apply. Postage, at least, should be no more expensive than if you were mailing a traditional “save the date” card.

Finally, there are a couple points of etiquette to remember when it comes to save the date magnets: Don’t send one to someone you aren’t sure you’re going to invite. Even if people respond to let you know whether or not they will be able to attend the wedding after they receive your save the date magnets, send them formal invitations anyway, regardless of their response. Second, although it may seem helpful to include wedding gift registry information, it’s almost inevitable that some of your guests will find that tacky. Word of mouth, personal wedding websites, and bridal shower invitations are probably better ways to let people know where you are registered.