The Appeal of Unusual Wedding Invitations

Some couples will go the extra mile to scout around for unusual wedding invitations. Most wedding invitations come in the stereo-typed white linen board with embossed letterings in gold. Some come in uniquely scented envelopes using different shades of pastel colors. But there are truly unusual wedding invitations which can be expensive for being shockingly apart from the rest.



Wedding invitations unusual are a folio of wedding invitations that are beyond the genre of the run-of-the mill invitations. They are designed with enticing photographs and various embellishments which are introduced to give a certain character to the wedding invitation.


You will certainly be amazed and enticed with the different wedding invitations that you haven’t seen after surfing through the net. There are truly unique wedding invitations that are fascinatingly out of this world but are, in essence, novel having stood out of the great capacity of men for their infinite creativity. You will surely find all these mystifying products of prolific minds as testaments to the most cherished of men’s milestones: weddings.


These are some of the unusual wedding invitations:


  • Beaded wedding invitation covered with metallic cording strung with glittering glass beads.  This wedding invitation exudes an ultra glamorous sheen using the distinctive shimmer of the beads.
  • Belted wedding invitation with modern buckles for an avant garde look.  The layered invitation is topped with a sleek grosgrain or satin belts.
  • Embellished silk wedding invitation box in chocolate, ivory, garnet and other shades.
  • Wedding invitation that comes in a silk pouch, featured in copper or tiffany bars.
  • Wedding invitation parches in a bottle.
  • Wedding invitation with charms, featuring exquisitely crafted solid brass charms using metallic cording or mini brass.
  • Belly-band wedding invitation featuring a dash of satin or velvet ribbon that is wrapped around the invitation.
  • Wedding invitation with embossed rose petals using crystal breads attached to a satin band.
  • Fabric wrapped wedding invitation using a magnificently embroidered jacquard pattern or romantic lace daintily tied around the layered invitation.
  • Gold wedding invitation featuring a sparkling metallic sheen that glows with a luxurious shimmer.
  • Blue wedding invitation featuring blasting shades of tiffany, aqua or frost, embellished with sapphire crystal brad at the center of a turquoise satin belt.


These unusual wedding invitations ideas are surprisingly and amazingly wonderful. In fact, more exotic versions of these wedding invitations are thought to have been used during the pompous reign of the emperors and kings.


But, what really drives those couples to seek for something unusual in inviting their wedding guests?  While distinct personal tastes can be a valid reason, there is more than what meets the eye to this exciting folly of couples. It could be just for creating the best wedding invitation for the best day of their lives, or one can be a display of affluence.  Most of these unique forms of wedding invitations are exorbitantly priced.  Some may also flaunt these unusual wedding invitations as a symbol of distinction.  Or could it be power?

There will come a time when couples who are planning to tie the knot will get more high-tech or advanced in their unique wedding invitation wording. You can look forward to the day when you receive a wedding invitation inscribed as a text message in an iPod delivered to you.  It is also possible that a new plasma television will be delivered to your residence.  A video recording in high definition that features the couple personally inviting you to their grand wedding may also be a possibility. Totally out of this world!


Are you thinking of unusual wedding invitations, too? They will continue to titillate men’s passion for something different when they receive wedding invitations.