Various Places to Have the Perfect Wedding

Weddings can be celebrated in various sites wherever the couple may want to hold their ceremony. More often, it is a depiction of the personalities of the bride and groom when deciding upon the venue for the wedding. There are those who choose to have a traditional church ritual and the reception will be held at an outdoor or indoor area afterwards. To know the possible spots to enjoy that one-day full of love event, here are some of the settings to choose.

For the outdoorsy couples, the best place to hold the wedding is at the garden. This is typically for the not so formal festivity that follows the church marriage rites. The couple can opt to have the ceremony and the reception right at the garden if they fancy having it all in one place. There are gardens specifically offered for such as events as these complete with a pool or water formation such as a lake or ocean view. With the greenery around and beautiful flowers, there is that added enchantment that makes garden weddings so romantic.

Another outdoor site for weddings is the beach on a tropical island. Destination weddings are popular because it offers that theme of fun and excitement associated with the white sand and blue waters. From small town resorts to the opulent five star hotels by the beach, the couple can have numerous spots to satisfy their desire of that beach side nuptial. The stunning sunrise or sunset can be the backdrop for the ceremony that gives the beach wedding allure to bride and groom.


If you are not the outdoorsy type or celebrating the start of married life during the cool months, there are several indoor venues. Shabby chic or country style weddings can be held at the barn on the farm. Many weddings have chosen this area to infuse the rustic and autumn theme into the event. Putting up fall colors against the wooden walls of the barn is fitting enough already.

And of course for the more formal weddings, the ballrooms are available to serve the newly-wed couple. This calls for artistic talent of the bride and groom along with their friends when opting for do-it-yourself decorations and other details. Or the creativity of the planner in making the place magical when the couple hires such service. The ballroom is more flexible for any theme that is thought of, from the casual and whimsical to the formal and classy weddings.

In the end, wherever the wedding is held as long as the couple is happy that is what is important. The true test of the event is not about how big and fancy the celebration is but on letting the couple share their joy with family and friends in their own style.