Some Bright Ideas for Perfect Wedding Flower Centerpieces

Wedding flower centerpieces that live up to their sobriquet are the center of attraction next only to the stars of the show — the bride and the groom. When you’re looking at a wedding reception in a five-star establishment, you can be sure that the centerpiece is part of the luxurious package. Talk about air-flown Holland tulips and exotic oriental orchids; and you can let your imagination do the rest. However they are arranged or bundled, these imported world-class blossoms are going to be the centerpieces of admiration.

But only couples from upscale families can stage such ostentatious follies.  A larger percentage is left to their own resources to stay on their budget.  Event organizers are known for their ingenuity in arranging cheap wedding centerpieces to look elegant.  As long as wedding flower centerpieces don’t look out of synch with the main motif, they should look all right.


You don’t have to shell out a fortune to dazzle your wedding reception guests with expensive wedding flower centerpieces. There are quite a number of bright and inexpensive ideas that you can alter, depending on your budget like the following:


  • Submerged flower options


Prepare a number of tall clear vases, cylindrical or square in shape, according to the number of reception tables in the reception hall.  Prepare a bigger clear glass receptacle for the table of the newly weds and the table of the sponsors and special luminaries. Put some clear water and submerge the flowers.


      • One long stem of orchids can be a sizzler.  The exotic multiple blossoms in one long stem can hold their shape very well under water.  These kinds of orchids don’t cost as much as Cattleya and can come in a breathtaking combination of colors. The patterns are quite interesting, especially those petals that are spotted.  Different orchids can be used to solve the difficulty of making voluminous orders for one single kind of orchid.  Get those bold orange orchids to the presidential table; and regal the wedded couple’s table with a blushing fuchsia orchid.  For added effect, you can have some rose petals float to surround the orchid. You won’t need so many orchids to accomplish such a gorgeous centerpiece.


      • A bunch of long-stemmed tulips, in cheery colors like pink and yellow, can also make some impressive wedding flower centerpieces in their submerged state. The petals would look so queenly and volatile in water. Again, you can use different colors or use the motif of the wedding.


      • Budding long-stemmed roses with leaves can also look so regal and dainty when submerged. The big, white American rose look better than the smaller varieties.



  • All-pink flower centerpieces


A low-cut dark-colored round vase can be an ideal arrangement receptacle for anything pink. Pink hydrangeas, pink roses, pink cymbidium orchids and other pink blossoms can be combined.  Or they can go solo. Just make sure that the motif of the wedding is also a matching shade of pink. You can use smaller wedding flower centerpieces in the tables of the other guests, and bigger ones for the couple’s table and the tables of the wedding sponsors.


  • Artificial  flower centerpieces


Fresh flowers can be very expensive for fall wedding centerpieces.  And fresh flowers can easily wilt for beach wedding centerpieces during summer.  But don’t worry a bit because artificial flowers can now look as real as or even more real than their newly plucked counterparts.


Man-made, artificial flowers are, in fact, easier to arrange than the fresh ones. Silk flowers, crepe paper flowers, mulberry paper flowers, foil or tinsel flowers, handcrafted flowers, and flowers from every conceivable material are just perfect for any wedding flower arrangement. These cheap wedding centerpieces don’t really dampen the reception and can hold their elegance despite the heat. They are cheaper and reusable for other events or other wedding receptions; or you can use them as give-aways. Fresh flowers can last only a while and then wilt or die; the wedding centerpieces will, therefore, have to be done as a last-minute task. Artificial flowers can be arranged way ahead in advance so there won’t be any rush during the preparation of the reception hall. You can even call some florists who are offering artificial wedding flower centerpieces customized to your specifications.


It is also fashionable to use glass flowers for fall wedding centerpieces in the same manner that colorful fresh fruits can now be the center of attraction as beach wedding centerpieces.


With so many amazing ways to come up with memorable wedding flower centerpieces, you can leave the matter to the event organizers and look forward to your honeymoon instead.