Use A Wedding Invitation Kit To Create Unique Invites

For anyone with a creative streak, using a wedding invitation kit to create personalized wedding invitations is not only a pleasure, but is usually cheaper than having bespoke invitations made. Wedding invitations are very personal, and they need to reflect the individuals getting married. It can be hard to find exactly the right option amongst the off the shelf choices offered by shops, making a DIY wedding invitation kit an attractive proposition.

There are two ways to buy a wedding invitation kit. They are available in readymade formats, which include everything needed to make a particular design. Or, they can be made by buying separate items which together can be formed into the chosen design. The advantage of buying separate items is a couple can have free reign over the design of their invitations, rather than be constrained by what comes in a pack.

Most good hobby and craft stores will stock the items needed to make a do it yourself wedding invitation kit. Items vary, but in general the types of things needed are card, decorations, overlays, ribbon or cord, inserts and envelopes. Another option would be to use rubber or clear stamps to decorate the cards. These are available with either motif designs, such as bells or doves, or wording designs, such as “Congratulations.”

It is often better to go for a simple design rather than try to over complicate things. Different colors and textures can be used to create attractive effects, but using too many decorations can leave invitations looking “put together,” rather than elegant. Look for inspiration in wedding magazines, or wedding stationery brochures.

For a truly unique look, couples could try a photo overlay wedding invitation kit. This allows couples to print a photo onto blank card, perhaps an official engagement photo, then have the written details printed onto an overlay sheet. The frosted texture of overlay sheets gives the invitation a romantic quality, which can be heightened by the use of white ribbon to tie the overlay sheet to the photo.


When using a wedding invitation kit it is important not to spoil the finished look by using a poor quality printer. Hand written invitations look beautiful, but unless they can be done by a calligrapher, the quality can suffer. Printed details are much less likely to contain mistakes, or be unable to be read. Carry out a test of the printer before using it to print the real thing. If the quality is not good enough, the inserts can always be printed separately and added to the invitations.

There are no rules when it comes to using a wedding invitation kit. The beauty of a kit is that it gives free rein to those using it to be as creative as they like. For many this means designing humorous wedding invitations, which feature the hobbies or characteristics of those getting married, or ones to match the theme of the wedding.

Using a wedding invitation kit is perfect for anyone who wants something completely different. Couples with kids could ask them to design the invitations, or perhaps choose the photo if they were going with the photo overlay wedding invitation option. Invitations could be themed for different groups of guests, perhaps with the theme running though into the table layouts at the reception.

Getting married is magical, though sometimes it seems a magic wand it needed in order to for everything to be done as wished by the happy couple. Using a wedding invitation kit is one way to make sure at least one part of the wedding is completely under the bride and grooms control.