Wedding Thank You Wording – Tips and Tricks

Writing a thank you note to your guests after the wedding ceremony is over is quite as crucial as inviting them to the wedding in the first place. Most brides and grooms tend to get all choked up and confused when it comes to the question of wedding thank you card wording, especially when the person who has given the gift is known to you only by face or title. It nearly becomes a question of prejudice when you take a dislike to the gift given by someone.

But, of course, if you have to fit the role of gracious host as you have pretended to be so far, you cannot possibly let your prejudices slip. Nor can you afford to sound too stuffy or formal since you run the risk of sounding insincere. But before your wedding thank you wording has you tied up in a proverbial knot, we are here to the rescue! Let’s get started with the basic problem of addressing your guest at first.

Should you be formal in your address or adopt for a more casual friendly tone in your address? After all, chances are that you have met the person at your wedding even if you do not remember him or her very well. However, if he or she happens to be more of a professional acquaintance of yours or that of your better half, it is perhaps safer and more polite to address him or her in the more formal way of “Dear Mr. Roberts” or “Dear Ms. Grey”. If you are addressing a friend, it would be prudent not to sound too exuberant on this occasion. A simple, heartfelt note of gratitude should suffice.

The closing address should also follow suit from the opening note. “Sincerely,” “Best Regards,” “With love,” “Best Wishes,” etc. should follow the tone of your opening address. If you are writing to a close friend, a simple “Cheers” may do the trick. Do not try it with a boss or colleague though!


It might be a good idea and even be polite to mention the gift given by your guest in your thank you note. In case you really like the gift, tell them why. People like to be appreciated on their choice and telling them why you like their gift might make them much more happy than a simple thank you note. If you feel uncomfortable mentioning the gift, you can instead choose to elaborate on how you intend to make use of the same. This is particularly helpful when people decide to gift money at one’s wedding and let the bride or the groom choose a gift to their own liking. Do take care not to mention the amount though as that may seem rude.

Of course, one basic rule in wedding thank you card wording is to mention your gratitude for your guest’s presence on the special occasion or your regret at their inability to attend. If you really missed them on your special day, you can mention it without making them feel particularly abashed. Genuine reasons for not being able to attend (if mentioned beforehand), can also be mentioned in your note.

Guests tend to really appreciate the efforts taken by the bride or the groom to remember and thank them once the wedding ceremony is over. It is the gesture of courtesy that counts here. Make sure that the note is from both of you as the gratitude shown by the ‘host’ would mean both of you. In fact, you would get little chance from now on to sign off with only your name in formal social letters, so you might as well get some practice, starting with the wedding thank you wording!