Amazing Spots for That Pre Wedding Photo Session

Today, a pre-nuptial or engagement photo session is a typical detail before the big day. With the digital technology, couples are provided with this option to have their pictures done professionally. Other than having a keepsake of the last days of being an engaged couple to a newly wed couple, these photos can also be used for the actual wedding day. From backdrops, decorations, invitations, guest books and giveaways, these intimate images are integrated for a more personalized celebration. Here are ideas where to have that photo op with your photographer.

As there are numerous possibilities of amazing spots for an engagement shoot, these are divided into three categories: land, water and air. For the land areas, this can be done on outdoors or indoors or a mixture of both. The gardens and woods are popular places to take pictures of the couple. For an indoor style photo session, the couple’s favorite coffee shop or restaurant can be the setting. Getting permission from the manager is imperative so the couple and the photographer can move freely around. Couples also have themes for their shoot such as vintage, fairy tale, shabby chic, country and many more.

The couple can also select the water as a venue for their pre wedding pictures. Among these, the most common is the beach with the couple’s silhouette and the sunset as their backdrop. The mysterious ocean view adds allure to the romance of the bride and groom. For a more mystical shoot, the waterfall is a great place to gather dreamy images. Trashing the dress is a theme that is increasing in popularity and can be done by the couple. This is using a cheap wedding dress for the bride and a formal wear for the groom that is both soaked in wherever water formation is selected for the session.


For the adventurous couple, the air is one spot to have amazing pictures taken. Among the vehicles that can be used are hot air balloon, glider, parasail, parachute and airplane for skydiving. You have to check out with the photographer if that is possible with the camera and equipment. The extreme sports have to be planned, as there will be no second take for these shots.

Having professional pre-nuptial images is part of most if not all weddings nowadays. So when planning out that wedding of yours, include the engagement shoot and what the theme is about. As a couple, have fun and bask in being the subjects of the photographers even for just a day. Be dramatic and participative as you can be because what is captured will be epitomized through a photo book or storybook. Giving your best in this will be much appreciated not by the photographers but by you and your spouse.

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